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  1. eienbear
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    I finally got this mod to work (1/1/15).

    Here is what I did:

    Manually download the file-- do not use Nexus Mod Manager. (This is where I was stuck.)

    Use a program like WinRAR to unzip the downloaded file.

    Copy the unzipped folder (should be called xatmos_lockbash) to the addins folder of your Dragon Age game folder. The file path will end with .../Dragon Age 2/AddIns/xatmos_lockbash/

    If you do not have an Addins folder, make one and put the downloaded mod folder inside it--this installs the mod.

    To use the mod, launch DA2 and go to your character's ability screen. On the bottom right corner, next to Summon Mabari, will be a white and blue icon that looks like Mighty Blow-- this ability will toggle on the Lockbash state and your character will be able to open locked boxes as long as the ability is toggled on.

    Hope this helps anyone who is stuck trying to figure out how to use this very handy mod. And thanks to the author for sharing it with us.
    1. mrsrachelm
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      Thank you thank you thank you! I was gobsmacked at how to get this thing to work. I had it in Addin's as per instructions by the modder but totally failed to notice the toggle you pointed out. Now I feel like an idiot, lol. A truly "derp!" moment.
    2. dragontweaky
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      Thank you so much. Gave you some kudos for that!
    3. Meomyo
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      I must be missing something obvious. I followed your guide, found the icon on the ability screen, activated it, but nothing happens when I try to open a lock. Thanks.
    4. IAmDarkPhoenix
      • premium
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      Same here. i see it but it doesn't toggle on/doesn't work for me... Anyone figure it out yet?
    5. pkripper37
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    6. JackofHearts777
      • member
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      Thanks man! Didnt realize i had to use as ability
    7. Shatilov
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      • 4 posts
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      Thank you so much
    8. BySpartan
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      Thank you it worked. btw hope you have a fine day :) 
    9. Bequeeth
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      Thanks man!
  2. ettoceb
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    I installed this mod, your other mod Sophie's choice and a 3rd one that create an icon. I was looking to find where the icon to activate the lock bash and the other mod was. I had only one new icon and it was for Sophie's choice. I decided to continue and activate Sophie's choice only. When I did it, the Sophie's choice icon activate all three mods.

    Should anyone else install those two mods or any other that create a new icon there, it might merge the activation of multiple mods in 1 ability icon.
    1. tanpeisha75
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  3. GoticAngel7
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    Do you still get the XP when you open stuff with this?
  4. Nosdi
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    Followed instructions, can't get the ability to show up.
  5. noxbalverine
    • supporter
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    If anyone’s having trouble toggling this on, try dragging the ability to your quickbar and toggling it when in normal gameplay.
  6. heypoodle
    • supporter
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    if you´re using this mod and the portable chargen mod, adding the portable chargen mod with console command will place the portable chargen mod on top of the lock bash mod on your abilities page and you won´t be able to access lock bash to put it on your hotbar

    to fix this just remove portable chargen with the console command "runscript removetalent 702010" (not from your override). then add lock bash to your hot bar. then add portable chargen back to your hotbar with "runscript addtalent 702010"

    now both abilities should appear alongside your dog summon ability on the abilities page without overlapping
  7. Vashra1
    • member
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    Does this mod not work for rogues? I was hoping to change how I placed points, so I could let cunning lag a bit, but still get into chests.

    I placed this into the addins folder (same folder that holds all the DLC like Legacy, etc).
    It *does* show up in the list of DLC, with a blank gray picture and a checkmark (I've noticed I don't seem to have any way to check or uncheck boxes for DLC in DA2?!?)

    But on my rogue Hawke, it doesn't work.
  8. Epicpictolord
    • member
    • 35 posts
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    I don't have an Addins folder, checked documents, bioware, dragon age 2 and its not there. Did you mean the override folder?
    1. klutzymongoose
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      It won't be in the Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age 2 folder, it's located in the same folder as the bin_ship and packages folders. \Origin Games\Dragon Age II\addins
      If the addins folder is missing, create one and drop the mod folder in there.
  9. lesley0728
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    Works like a charm, thanks! Put in addins as directed and pops right up in the game menu beside summoning dog.
  10. nerjaveika
    • premium
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    Works great for me, just don't put into override, but into addins dirrectory...
    Thank you