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An improved Anders that you won\'t mind staring at, or more...who knows... (Appearance changes only - now with variations in hair color - take your pic) UPDATE: Now with a lighter skinned version and a version of Anders which more closely aligns with the Original Anders. As of March 30 - even more options for Anders. Also added a file to be use

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I didn't like the current Anders to decided to make my own, one I wouldn't mind staring at while he was in my party...

Please note these are cosmetic changes only. The original file is for the Brunette Anders with tattoo. I have added additional hair/beard colors: Blonde, Red (Ginger), and Black as well as a Brunette version with no tattoo. Download the Anders you want and follow the instructions below.

UPDATE: 20 March, 2011
I have added two more options for Anders. One is a lighter skinned version of the first Anders I created (as with the darker skinned versions there is a huge difference between Anders' face and hands which drove me nuts). I have also included a version more true to the original Anders (hair, etc...), except with my altered face.

UPDATE: 30 March, 2011
Added a lighter skinned blonde version of my original, as well as some variations to the 'classic' version (ponytail, no tattoo, and longer hair).

UPDATE: 02 April, 2011
Added a file to the Update section that can be downloaded in combination with any of the darker skinned Anders. This file will make Anders hands a darker color so they don't stand out. This must be downloaded in addition to the facial morph and placed in the override folder (same installation and removal instructions as main file).

To install:
Unzip and paste the anders.erf file in your Bioware/Dragon Age 2/packages/core/override folder.

Presto, you have the improved Anders.

To remove:
Delete the anders.erf file from the override folder.

Presto you have the not so improved Anders back.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy.

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