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Tiny mod to tune down the Nightmare difficulty, for those who want to play with Friendly Fire option without enemies being almost immortal. There are three sets of difficulty available for different challenge tastes.

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Tiny mod to tune down the Nightmare difficulty (in three different available levels), in order to play it with Friendly Fire ON at easier challenge.

Recommended Values: Its a tweaked difficulty for my own tastes, it is similar to the original Hard difficulty with slightly removal of enemy bonuses but increasing the ability usage of AI and tweaking the recharge values and potion effects
Normal Realistic Values: Its similar to Normal Difficulty. But some values were changed in order to remove ALL bonuses from everyone, no handicap on anything.
Harder Values: Its closer to what Nightmare difficulty was originally in game, with some minor tweaks to make it slightly easier. Still enemies get lots of bonuses and extra stuff

All versions only REPLACE Nightmare difficulty in game, this is because Nightmare is the only difficulty which supports friendly fire, made this way by Bioware.

I did this for myself but I'm sure there will be people sharing my complaints, I hate playing without the Friendly Fire option, and I think Nightmare difficulty itself its over exaggerated on enemy health values and magic resistance

Feel free to suggest changes to the difficulty values if you think its needed and I will change them for you and upload different versions

1)Just extract in
Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age 2\packages\core\override
2)Choose NIGHTMARE difficulty in game