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  1. LadyHonor
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    i love this mod, but for a really insane reason....I've working on a mod for like *forever* and we're entering the testing stage and so far it's been tested for compatibility with over 200 different mods and this one was the first one to pop it. lol it was an easy compatibility fix that only took me like 2 mins to create a patch for it, but still i was impressed that it was something soooooo flippin' minor that got me. congrats! lol
  2. Kastagir
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    Mod has strange behavior when only the .ncs file is used and not the GDA files. This can lead to the character receiving too many talents at start.
  3. woodtortiose
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    I was having a problem where no matter what origin I chose, when I got to Ostragar the king greeted me with the generic human commoner dialogue. After much trial and error, I discovered that it was this mod causing it. I was using a version I downloaded when the game first came out, and since my game is patched to 1.4 now, its obviously not going to work. Does anyone know if the latest version is compatible with 1.4?
  4. Fair Share
    Fair Share
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    Use this: http://www.dragonagenexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=598 instead of this mod.

    This mod posted here is outdated and has a healing bug after combat: you only heal 10 points of health and stamina (even with lv. 20) and therefore it takes really long to regenerate.

    The mod above fixes this bug but ONLY if you respec your character with the respec mod or do a level-up.
  5. Lurker101
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    I'm having that problem with another mod Salin. Ashtars Robes of Possession to be more specific. Definitely a bug.
  6. nyang963
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    is this mod compatable with the site that Parcheetahzan said?
  7. Perhansen
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    I have given this file my endorsement.

    You are my hero ^_^
  8. Parcheetahzan
    • member
    • 867 posts
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    @DigitalsignalX, I think this modder already did that! Here is the link. http://www.dragonagenexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=4

  9. nyang963
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    will it work on awakening and the dlc Stone prisoner?
  10. Fre66z
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    Thanks nice mod.
    As a suggestion I would love to see the racial abilities in character creation included with the skills. (elves get +2 magic and willpower, I would love to reassign these and other races)

    (sorry could not Endorse, keeps saying site error, will keep trying)