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This Script imports Dragon Age Models. It also imports ANI / GAD Animation files. All you need to create quick Animations with. And more! It works with 3dsmax and gmax.

Permissions and credits
It works with 3dsmax and Gmax.

-Model Import (much much more than FBX can)
-Animation Import
-2 preset sceletons are already in the Script (Human Male, Elf Female) if you want to draft something quick.
-Scale option to work at reasonable sizes.
-handling multiple Models to allow for Sync Animations within 3dsmax or gmax
-New functions and fixes allow much more freedom, and things just work better from importer side
-Exports all Animation. Skeletal, placeables and everything
-Exports Models
-Models export with MetaData for lightmappable Models
-GAD ,Additive ,Override Animations on demand.
-Gmax export works with this for sure.
-No conversion hassle. Just export and its instantly available in the toolset. Even for gmax which cannot save lol!
-YAGG 3rd party tool included for gmax, thanks to the creator
-MAO Export
-Material Editor

This Script tries to do what FBX (or what else import there is) cannot do. Most importantly maintain the correct Bone System.

You can also find me at my projects site at:

Leave comments and have fun everyone ^^


I have updated to Version5.42. Major includes are Physx Cloth Mesh support.

For that i added a Modifier called "DAO Cloth", that you add to the meshes, and set up properties. This UI type is a change in direction, because its unlike the node etc parameters.

Added Cloth Material support to the Material editor.

Rearranged big chunks in the whole Mesh export routines, hope it didnt break. I need to clean up abit, and apply helpful changes to the rest of the script. More so in the Importer i guess.

Fixed some small bugs, like in modifier detection routines and such.

I need to update the Readme badly i got no time

A big change follows this Update. Crustnodes, Snappoints and Userpoints have joined the Helper object group and are now unique Objects. In return, the Node Parameters have been shrunk and arent required anymore to setup those 3 Object types.

The Node Parameters are now very simplified, theres only the Index Number remaining.

The Material was added the Water material type. This Material requires Vertex Color and Alpha to define Water color and transparency. These werent supported before, and i hope there wont be any issues. Please discuss.

Alot of tiny and annoying Bugs have been removed. Some improvements have been made here and there.

I have started adding a Updatenodes.pdf file to the download, to post issues or clear up things ,that i have seen when updating. Please read those if you are updating.

There is now a crappy Trackeditor to have more control over animation sequences. "Autodetect" is limited to non-idle scenarios, so with this "closed door idle" animation can be done. This is accessed via each sequence on the GOB object class.

Export menu "autodetect" field was completely removed. Non sequence exports are now always autodetect.

Node params "animation" section was removed.

Animation Import interprets "tracksettings" like that now during import. This has some slight experimental flavour i guess.

Added a Sound Material Type setting to GOB model settings. Dont ask me how this works but i hear it does. Should be footstep sounds? Only static models? Doesnt the sound type set in the material work already?

Importing models with 2 UV sets on max2009 and above will not set the 2nd UV modifier to the 2nd channel anymore. This is due mechanics have changed, where switching the channel from 1 to 2 transfers channel data instead switch it. But a modifier is still added, to hint at that there is 2 UV sets in the model. You will need to switch manually if you want to access it.

Fixed a crashbug in max2009 64bit, that happened in conjunction with "edit normals". Afaik is the only version being affected by this.

Small fixes only

Collision fully supports wonky transforms now. This is in regard to "reset xform" which you dont need to collision anymore, just if one accidently operates the scale tool on object level. Dont do that for anything else! Youll get a warning about it since prior version.

Small fixes and changes to material, collision etc

Added support for Override Animations. Please check out my Bioware project for more information.

Import for additive animations is in
And various fixes

Small fixes and stuff in this update

Added "Weapontrail" material type
Added to Weapontrails the option to choose custom materials
Fixed a bad glich in the Materialeditor that happened under Gmax

Added "Lava" material type

Updated the Material, it now has "Face" type.

Some glitches are removed on GAD import, and it stores a sequence now for each animation you import.

ModelRoot object class was added. (Helper/DragonAge category)
This one shall now be the root of each model (GOB) and it replaces the old method of having a dummy

Weapontrail object class was added. (Helper/DragonAge category)

Various fixes, non critical

Updates to the Material mostly. Eye / Weapon now included

Import and Export is now combined. Import has undergone fundamental changes to work under the Exporter framework, so hopefully it still works everywhere. Added various fixes and changes to the whole thing, including a Material available in the Material Editor. Enables MAO Material export.

Exporter version2.10 and importer version4.10 are the first step moving both together. Model Manage is now part of the Exporter, which functions differently.
The Exporter now has 4 separate Tools you can assign to the menu. That is:
--Model Export
--Animation Export
--Model Manager