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  1. NaAaF
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    I'm using both this mod and the old anytime party picker from bsn. They do the same thing except this mod is a tad more immersion/rp friendly, especially with a mage pc.
    1. FirstoftheGrey
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      Got a link to the anytime party picker or anytime world travel by chance .?
  2. Voltresse
    • member
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    Merci pour ce mod, et Summoning Portal m'aidera si je veux augmenter le niveau de mes compagnons.
  3. SerdnaOdraude
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    Sorry I would like to add your mod as a prize to some difficult mission of the Game and designing a mega update more Lore of the DAO and your mod I like it to be a special prize for completing a mission in one of the new missions that I am designing.
  4. miguelsz2
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    To anyone wanting to use this in awakening.

    To make the mod work on awakening, you will have to edit the Addins.xml file, located in "Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age/Settings/Addins.xml"

    Open the file with notepad editor, and look for the line:

    <AddInItem UID="denl_partyportal" Name="Summoning Portal" ExtendedModuleUID="Single Player" Priority="100" Enabled="1" State="2" Format="1">

    Now, change ExtendedModuleUID="Single Player" to ExtendedModuleUID="dao_prc_ep_1" so that the line reads:

    <AddInItem UID="denl_partyportal" Name="Summoning Portal" ExtendedModuleUID="dao_prc_ep_1" Priority="100" Enabled="1" State="2" Format="1">

    The summoning portal should pop up in your inventory.
    1. Belladori
      • member
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      To use this in Awakening, and in Origins, both:

      As miguelsz2 suggested, you can modify the existing line in Addins.xml, but I don't recommend modifying the existing line.

      Instead, copy that entire "<AddInItem UID="denl_partyportal"....</AddInItem> XML block.

      Paste that into the file (I did it directly under the one I copied from) and THEN modify "ExtendedModuleUID="Single Player" " to say: ExtendedModuleUID="dao_prc_ep_1"

      (So, you should have one block pointing to:"ExtendedModuleUID="Single Player" "
      and the other pointing to ExtendedModuleUID="dao_prc_ep_1")

      Save and exit the file.

      This should now give you the Summoning Portal in both Origins and Awakening.
    2. MissMinario
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      I tried doing this but it's still not working in awakening! It works fine in origins though. Any ideas?
  5. LimeJello24
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  6. szamagni83
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    LOVE this it's definitely become one of my favorites I just wish it was for Awakening to that would be AMAZING.
  7. rameyuk
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    Isn't the Party Picker mod from BSN a lot easier than this? It just enables the icon at the top to choose party members at anytime anywhere.
  8. JohnDoeTheLostOne
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    Works great! Perfect if you know you´re gonna meet a boss and don´t what your weak rogue (for lock picking) with you
  9. ghosty123
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    Thankyou for the mod
    Hey I was wondering why you had it disabled for the combat ?
    Was it causing any bugs or some other issues ?
    If it was a personal preference then could you tell us how to enable it or if not then could you create an alternate one in which the option is universally unlocked
    Thank you once again for the mod ^_^
  10. PhoenixJackson
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    I skipped this MOD thinking that I use "runscript zz_addparty..." a lot of times. It works just the same as JayBlue describes... only with more work. Now I came to have (maybe) typed something and all of my extra companions were lost. When I tried the command again, they're at the current level but with level 1 attributes, skills, gears, and everything else.

    Now let's see how this MOD goes. I really really hope it won't give me much trouble since I won't be typing blindly.