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A reupload of my old mod, with some improvements made over time.

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A reupload of an old mod :) I originally took it down and reuploaded it on my sideblog on tumblr, but a lot of people have been reporting issues with the old versions.

I made some improvements to the original files over time, including the textures and reverting to mostly vanilla tints, so this relies as little on other mods as possible! I hope this fixes the issue a few people have reported where some of the tints would simply not show up!!!! :) As with most of the headmorphs I make for DO, I tried to stay as close to the aesthetic original vanilla morphs as close as possible, while also making them look a bit more realistic.

The textures are a blend of Ellise's beautiful, beautiful unique face textures dao edition (one of my favorite mods of all time) and face textures extracted from dragon age: inquisition. I did receive permission to upload my tweaked versions (sadly Morrigan's eyebrows didn't look good with the changes I made to her facial structure anymore :c) back in the day, and her textures are tagged as modder's resources so I hope it's alright to upload my new versions.

  • unique face textures for companions by ellise - do NOT install the files for Morrigan, Zevran and Leliana
    within the companion morphs folder if you also plan to use mine, they will overwrite each other! You'll only need the textures. I do, however, recommend it for the other companions!
  • look hair inquisition edition by mrs-risibisi
  • eyelashes by kanihime - under KH_TOOLSET FILES
  • dragon age origins unofficial remaster by tepkunset - for Zevran's hair and Morrigan's eye tint. Sorry, you'll
    need to download the entire mod because I don't know if there are any other uploads of it! You can find Zevran's hair under hair\tucked hair\earrings and the eye tint for Morrigan under tints\eyes, if you don't want to install everything.

The redux version of my face morph also relies on the following vanilla replacers:
The mod will still work without them, it just won't be as pretty.

Please tell me if I missed something :)