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Overhauls the built in presets to look alot nicer! And some better "roleplay" presets too, Suggest categories and maybe ill do a few for it! No extra mods required of course as this is intended as an upgrade to the original presets!

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Drag and drop into your override folder, the location for this folder is: 
Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override
(Check end of description if you have mods with a chargenmorph file already)

Delete the file from your override folder, the location for this folder is: 
Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override

This is my collection of presets for use within the character creator using only the base game files  
You can then add your mods to the better presets and have an easier time making a good looking character in the character creation screen

This will be all the default presets but redone to my satisfaction!
 I will be trying to stick to the original look as I want this to be a true base game upgrade. These presets wont need the chargenmorph compilation! This is the main file which is now an All In One as they're finished!

If you are just using the replacement presets and not the additional ones
You will not need to compile any chargenmorph files!

As well as the base game presets, there will be some extras that will be split up into genres of looks
I don't know if this will remain to be the categories once I've made more but I thought id just put these up and add to them over time when I feel like making a new one. 

If you are using the catagory based presets
You will need to combine my chargenmorph with the one you already have, if you don't have one yet then you can just use this one on its own. If you have other mods that affect the chargenmorph file, such as other hairstyle mods or even another category of these presets, then a simple compilation is needed, this tool makes it super simple to combine with your already existing mods for character creation: CharGenMorph Compiler
(The chargenmorph file is basically the file that tells the game what to include in the character creator)

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