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Alters Tamlen's ghoul morph to more closely resemble normal Tamlen

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When Tamlen shows up at the party camp ambush towards the end of the game, his new morph is quite different from his original in quite a few ways, though there are some consistencies. This edit to his morph fixes all those inconsistencies, and he now retains all the original facial structure he had in the origin. It's not inconceivable that some things could change (for example, a crooked nose), but I decided to just wholesale make everything 1:1 so it would be easier to recognise him.

More importantly, I gave him back his vallaslin which is curiously absent in the vanilla morph, and I changed his eye texture to match that of Hespith (and Ruck, if you use my Ruck mod). His original eye texture was Morrigan's, which is more than a little strange.

I've also included his vanilla .utc. If you use Qwinn's fixpack, it changes ghoul Tamlen's name. In the vanilla game he's referred to as a shriek, which is definitely wrong, but I find the issue presented in the fixpack of Tamlen's name being totally omitted in the journal script to be worse. I tried to fix both of these issues, but I couldn't figure it out, so I made this unfortunate compromise. If you don't care about this issue, feel free to just toss away the .utc file.