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"Creates a storage chest by Bodahn Feddic's wagon in the Party Camp. Uses the Merchant UI, thereby providing categories, comparison with equipped gear, and far more space than a standard chest (such as the one at Warden's Keep). Simply 'Sell' to stash items (no, you won't make any money), and 'Buy' to retrieve (at no cost, of course)."

Permissions and credits
Camp Merchant Camp, by didymos1120.

Mod was originally available from the old Bioware Social Network projects and is being uploaded here with permission from the modder.

Thank you to sharpshooter8 for tracking down didymos1120, and obtaining the necessary permissions. :)

BSN project link (for reference only; site is defunct): Camp Merchant Chest´╗┐


From the BSN upload page:

|What Is This?|

Spawns a chest in front of Bodahn Feddic's wagon in the Party Camp. However, unlike a standard storage chest, like that in the Warden's Keep DLC or the Camp Storage Chest mod, this one uses the Merchant UI. This not only provides far more than the (lousy) 100 inventory slots of those chests, but also categories and comparison with currently equipped gear. You know, 'cause it's a merchant.

|How to Use|

To stash simply "Sell" items (no, you won't make any money). To retrieve simply "Buy" them back (at no cost, of course). And no, I WON'T be doing anything about it saying "Buy" or "Sell". Not worth all the effort involved with UI hacking (for which you can thank Bioware. Certainly possible, though, seeing as in the console versions of the game, the Warden's Keep storage chest behaves like a merchant. Score one for the consoles). Oh, and I also won't be doing anything about it not sounding like a chest opening either. Sorry.


TSM sez:

Install as you would any other DAzip mod (with daupdater, DAO-ModManager, or DAModder).
See the screenshots for the location of the chest; it will be right in front of Bodahn's wagon.

Compatible with Camp Storage Chest, MerAnne's Camp Storage, The Magic Box, ScarabMonkey's Gear Racks. See the enclosed text file (a copy/paste of the BSN page for the mod) for more information on compatibility with other mods.

When used with Pheelon's Auto Loot, Camp Merchant Chest (and any other mod-added storage) must be added to the configured exceptions in dragonage.ini.

I will note that the documentation from old!BSN states that the mod is not compatible with The Winter Forge; however, I've used both mods (Camp Merchant Chest and TWF) together for years, and never experienced any issues.