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A script to unlock Sten's special dialogue in case he was not in your party the very first time you visited an area.

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The majority of Sten's dialogue is unlocked by him being in your party when you visit four specific locations, where he'll make a comment you can ask him about later. There are two problems with this:
1. If Sten is not in your party the very first time you go there, the dialogue will stay locked forever. Bringing him back to the spot later will do nothing.
2. If Sten is not the party member randomly selected to speak, the dialogue will stay locked forever. Effectively, you only have a 33% chance of unlocking his dialogue even if he is with you the first time you visit. Other mods can make it so that all party members will speak, fixing this, but that still leaves problem #1.

This mod adds a script that will unlock all four of Sten's special topics so that you don't have to worry about dragging him around everywhere all the time. If you ever forget to bring him or get unlucky, this script will fix everything!

For reference and context, the four locations you have to bring Sten to are:
1. Exiting the Redcliffe Chantry, where Sten will remark, "Is this where humans keep all their wisdom? Your behavior makes much more sense to me now."
2. The Denerim Market District. Upon seeing the children playing outside Goldanna's house, Sten will remark, "Those are too small. Send them back to the priests for more training."
3. Entering the Brecilian Forest for the first time, where Sten will remark, "This is like my home in Seheron. But the fiends here are only monsters."
4. Approaching the sealed door to the Apprentice Quarters in the Circle Tower, where Sten will remark, "This is the prison for your mages? Ours is not so grand."

Installation and Use
1. Extract zz_stenunlock.ncs to your override folder in Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override
2. Load your game, open the console (the DA Wiki has a guide if you don't know how), and type runscript zz_stenunlock

Delete zz_stenunlock.ncs from your override folder.