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A new face for Antivan assassin. Available in several versions of skin tones, including the original.

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Zevran Appearance Overhaul

The mod adds a new face for Zevran with three skin tones.

If you want to know what I'm working on right now, want to help, or if you have any questions about the modifications that I use, join us.
Dragon Age Origins Remaster Project

Required Mods:
Unique Companion Textures by Ellise 
(el_companiontexturesDAAwakening and el_companiontexturesDAO you should definitely delete all mor files from these folders)
HQ Eyebrow Stubble and Scalp Hair Replacers
Alternative Default Eyes (version B - uncompressed)
DAO Toolset Headmorphs Unlocked (Duplicate Morph Targets)

Inquisition inspired morphs
(Cullen and Isabela without realistic teeth: uh_hed_Cullen_0d.dds; uh_hed_Cullen_0n.dds)
Platinum Blonde (Platinum Blonde for CC and Toolset)

Without the mods of these authors, the work would not be possible, support them as well.
I want to express my special gratitude to lizardaggerx for the help in creating a skin tone without this wonderful girl, I would not have coped.

Extract the folder from the archive and place it in the override folder.
Delete the other versions, leave only the one you selected and the folder with textures.
Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override