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New robe outfit replacement for Morrigan

Permissions and credits
This is a new outfit for Morrigan.
I liked some of the unused concept art from Inquisition, but they didn't feel Morrigan enough to me, so here is my own take on the design.

This isn't perfect as it's one of my first original meshes. It clips a ton, download only if you don't mind.
Big thanks to Ashhawk for making the spec map buttery smooth.

There are two versions, a hooded version and an unhooded one. They will replace both of Morrigan's clothing items (her starter, and the upgrade Robe of Possession).
I also made the unhooded one into a standalone, so you can put it on a female human or replace only one of Morrigan's outfits with it.

How to Install
All files go in My Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override folder.

Install the replacer:
Unzip, choose either the hooded or unhooded version, and place chosen folder into your override.
Delete from override to uninstall.

Install the standalone
Unzip folder and drop in override.
If you want it for your warden, type runscript get_redraven into the console to get the item.

If you want it to replace only one of Morrigan's two outfits, download both the standalone, and the Individual Replacers folder from the optional files.

Potential conflicts & info
Replacer version
The hooded version should work with any Morrigan morph that doesn't change her hairstyle from the default. The unhooded is compatible with any morph for her.

Delete any other 'hf_rob_mor_0.msh' and 'hf_rob_mora_0.mmh' from your override, such as the ones found in tmp7704's proportion fixes. You don't need to do this if you use the standalone one though.

Standalone version

Completely compatible with any other Morrigan clothing altering mod such as Practical Morrigan Robe or any retexture

The .uti file replacers for her outfit will conflict with any that edit the same item file, such as TSM Sacred Ashes Robes of Possession which works the same way.
The standalone uses clothing variation number 169.