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Replaces the default Morrigan robe with a more covered-up outfit inspired by vanilla.

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Despite the game being out for oh-god-so-many years now nobody ever bothered to make a version of Morrigan's default robes that is somewhat more suitable to living in a marsh annd I think we all know why :P
Anyway, here is my attempt to rectify that.
The goal was to build a more practical look that still has the same general feel as the original using some DAI assets and I honestly think I managed, buuut you should probably judge by yourself~

- this mod will conflict with any other one that edits the appearance of Morrigan's default robe, so make sure you remove all of these first
NOTE: this includes tmp's Female Proportions fix. Locate hf_rob_mor_0.msh and hf_rob_mora_0.mmh in that mod's folder and remove them if you want to use this

how to install:
- put the "Practical Morrigan Robe" folder in your override, be sure to grab the additional files in "Practical Morrigan Robe LOD files" as well xX
- you should be able to add or remove the mod at any time without breaking anything

- so so SO grateful to folks over at DA Mod Squad and RDP mod testing for providing excellent feedback and all the in-game caps, because...uh... TBH right now my PC is too old and broken to run DAO for longer than several minutes x_X
(dark-skinned Morrigan face morph featuring prominently in the caps comes from the Realistic DAO Project)

(check out if you are interested in my dragon age mod shitposting)