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Go straight to the game instead of showing the launcher. Useful for running via Steam.

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(Please make sure to read the installation instructions below. This is not an override mod; you will need to make sure an original game file is backed up or renamed.)

This mod makes the DAO launcher immediately start the game, rather than requiring the user to click the "Play" button.


I have DAO on Steam, and I prefer running it from the Steam interface rather than opening DAOrigins.exe directly. This unfortunately comes with the problem of...the launcher. I'm far too lazy to click "Play" each time, you see, especially if I'm testing 80-odd tint files. Thankfully u/sortbycolumn came up with an excellent solution, which I'm sharing in user-friendly ready-to-go format here. It adds a line to the launcher's initialisation sequence that invokes the same process as the "Play" button: checking to see if it's the first time the game has been run (to create a config file if needed), then running the game.

I've expanded on it by cutting out a bunch of the launcher that's not needed if it's being skipped: the interface and news updates.

(Note that this mod will not remove the need to interact with the native Steam prompt of "Play the game" vs "View support information". The only way I know of to skip that is to right-click the Steam icon in the notification area/system tray of the taskbar (ie the area with the clock) and launch the game from the recently-played list there. Without this mod that will open the launcher immediately; with this mod it will go straight to the game.)

I have so many large WIP mods that need finishing, sob


Installing this mod replaces an original game file; you should back up the original first.

Go to the "data" folder in your installation directory (ie "Dragon Age Ultimate Edition\data" or "Dragon Age\data" or something similar depending on the version of the game that you own). It should contain very few files, one of which is "DAOriginsLauncher.xml". Back up this original file first by moving it to your personal folders or by renaming it -- for example to "DAOriginsLauncher_old.xml". Then extract this mod's "DAOriginsLauncher.xml" file into the data folder.

To uninstall, reverse the process: delete "DAOriginsLauncher.xml", then restore the original file by either re-renaming it or restoring it from where you moved it to.


This mod is not compatible with other mods that edit DAOriginsLauncher.xml:

I believe it should be compatible with DAO Alternate Launcher because that mod provides an entirely separate exe file rather than altering the existing launcher's xml files. Alistair Launcher for Origins should also be technically compatible since it only edits the launcher's images, but you won't see them with this mod!

Alternatives to this mod

Launch DAO via DAOrigins.exe
Arguably the sensible route, you can just launch DAOrigins.exe (located in the bin_ship folder) directly from the folder or just make a shortcut to it! If you're using Steam, this won't give you any playtime stats as it skips the Steam interface. You may or may not care about this.

Do this mod yourself
You don't have to download my cut-down version of the launcher, you can just follow the instructions in the reddit link above to create the same effect!