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Gives Morrigan and Flemeth yellow eyes inspired by their appearance in Inquisition

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This mod creates a new yellow eye tint and applies it to Morrigan and Flemeth. The changes to Flemeth incorporate those from my previous Flemeth mod, so if you have that already, you can just replace that morph with this one.

If you have DA2 Isabela and Flemeth to DAO, then I've also included some files to accommodate that:
  • pre211cr_flemeth.utc fixes an issue that resulted in Flemeth never actually wearing her DA2 outfit
  • cir300cr_flemeth.utc has her wear her DA2 outfit in the Fade if you bring Morrigan with you to Broken Circle
  • hf_gen_flemet1.mor is my edited morph for DA2-style Flemeth, featuring the new eye tint, the same skin tint I gave her original morph, and adjusts her makeup to make her look more like she does in DA2/Inquisition
If you don't use that mod, then delete those three files and there won't be any issues. That mod says you need Dragon Age Redesigned, but I don't think that's true. I don't have it, and nothing is broken.