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The purpose of this mod is to quite simply make Dragon Age Origins look a little less dated, while still maintaining its memorable style and feeling.

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V1.2 Changes:

- Fixed the glitch where Oren's head was floating.
- Fixed the glitch where eyelashes on some of the female presets were solid black.
- Fixed Duncan not showing up with Grey Warden armour.
- Did a little bit of repackaging to make customization easier; ex: all Flemeth changes are now in the same folder.
- Added a few new creatures retextures.
- Added a few new bow and shield retextures.




This mod has taken me quite a long time to get where it’s at, and I’m hesitant to call it finished. I can’t promise I won’t add “patches” in the future. But for the time being, I’m calling it enough to release.
The purpose of this mod is to quite simply make Dragon Age Origins look a little less dated, while still maintaining its memorable style and feeling. Primarily, this means upgrading most of the game’s textures, which I’ve done using a combination of AI, redrawing by hand, and replacements from later games. The mod also includes some mesh replacements altogether from later games, too. The screenshots included are but a minuscule set of examples of the 3,000+ file improvements.

  • Higher quality texture replacements
  • Higher quality mesh replacements
  • More vibrant tints for character skin, hair and eyes, as well as a few basic additions
  • A few cutscene replacements with a more cinematic feel
  • New character creation presets and options
  • Headmorphs for most NPCs, still recognizable but less goofy

“How do I install this mod?”
Extract the Unofficial Remaster folder from the downloaded ZIP, and place it in your Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override folder. If you do not yet have an override folder, create one.
“The new character creation options aren’t showing up!”
You can only have one chargenmorphcfg file in your override at once. If you have a different chargen file from another mod, you can modify these files by hand to combine all the options into one using notepad, or use a chargen compiler to do it for you.
“My game won’t start / my game keeps freezing!”
This mod requires Large Address Aware to function! This is something I imagine many people already have, since Dragon Age Origins benefits from it in its vanilla state, let alone with mods. Make sure you have downloaded LAA and use it on the Dragon Age Origins EXE before adding this mod to your override.
 If you have DA:O via Steam (RIP), here are special instructions.

“Does this mod work with DLCs and Awakening expansion?”
Yes! This mod was made with the ultimate edition in mind. An important note about Awakening, though: You will want to delete the folder Unofficial Remaster\Clothing and Armour\Templar while playing this expansion unless you want the female templars introduced in the DLC to appear with invisible bodies.

"Does this mod work with Improved Atmosphere?"
If you want to use both this mod and Improved Atmosphere, you need to either delete the UTC folder from this mod or all the UTC files from IA to be safe. I also recommend deleting the Templar subfolder found in Clothing and Armour from this mod as well.
“What if I want to use different headmorphs from another mod?”
Just delete whatever files from the Morphs folder in this mod you want to use from another, and you’re all set. (I.e. if you want to use a different Zevran, delete em_genfl_zevran.morin the Global folder.)

"What if I don't want to use Grey Wardens of Ferelden?"
Then delete the Grey Wardens of Ferelden folder. All files are loose, meaning you can customize this mod’s changes to your heart’s content.
“Why did you change *insert change here*?”
Because I felt like it. If you don’t like it, again, you can delete the relevant files.



  • Templar armour by LadyofPayne
  • Proportion Fixes by tmp7704
  • Tucked Hair by tmp7704 (+ fixes by dalishious)
  • More Hairs for Kids by Shanamah (+ fixes by dalishious)
  • Additional Clothing for Kids by DarthParametric (+ UTCs by SirensRequiem)
  • Warden armour by tmp7704 (+ texture edits by dalishious)
  • Grey Wardens of Ferelden by NeoKingArthur (+ fix by sapphim)
  • Face texture diffuses by SammyJC
  • Face texture normals by Kani Hime
  • Hair/beard texture by Kani Hime (+ fix by dalishious)
  • Elves of Ferelden by AdmiralAlbia (+ fix by commanderstrawberry + texture edits by dalishious)
  • Pixelated Shaders Begone by bl4idd (+ fix by Ashhawk)
  • Neutral Female Armor by magpiedragon (+ texture edits by dalishious)
  • Vaughan death cutscene by AGayMessFromTumblr
  • Headmorphs by dalishious and AGayMessFromTumblr
  • Tints by dalishious
  • All other cutscene edits by dalishious
  • All other mesh edits/addons by dalishious
  • All other texture edits by dalishious