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This mod reverses the target of Blood Sacrifice from ally to enemy.

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Background: In the world of Dragon Age, Blood Mages are notorious for sacrificing their subjects for greater power and an unending supply of mana. Subjects, who are often unwilling. Then why should it be any different for you?

With this mod, welcome your assailants with a smile as you rejuvenate your lifeforce at the cost of theirs. Laugh as you retaliate using their own blood as fuel.

The player can now cast the Blood Sacrifice spell on their enemies, instead of allies.

OPTIONAL -  If you would like to sacrifice both allies and enemies alike, use ONLY the file 'Blood Sacrifice All'. You will not need the main one.


 - Drop the folder into the Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override

Some Key Points:

 - Compatible with Dain's Fixes
 - Still requires Blood Mage sustained to be active
 - Health reduced on enemy is dependent on spellpower
 - Can be empowered by Vulnerability and Affliction hexes
 - Enemies can resist(happens rarely)
 - Undead are immune