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New outfit and hair for Awakening Baroness of Blackmarsh

Permissions and credits
This is a new look for the Baroness in Blackmarsh so she looks properly like an Orlesian mage, as established with later aesthetics.
New hairstyle with mask, face textures and outfit, based on concept art from Heroes of Dragon Age.

Optional files:
An alternate .UTI so she's just wearing a generic noble dress, if you don't want her to be dressed like Vivienne.



This works by replacing her outfit UTI, as I am assuming that the outfit she wears is unique to her. So you can install it anytime. I also bundled her unchanged vanilla UTC with this mod, in case you have anything that overwrites that.

The screenshot of the alternate UTI is using Female Noble Clothing Overhaul, so install that if you want it to look like the screenshot instead of the default noble dress C.

As the mesh is an adaptation of 'Vivienne Dress' from Viva La Orlais, I named it to overwrite the one in that mod to save on item variation IDs. (It uses clothing variation 46) So if you have Viva La Orlais, make sure this loads after it alphabetically or it won't show up.

Will conflict with anything that changes stb200im_baroness_robe.uti, stb200cr_baroness.utc, or hf_stb200cr_baroness.mor.

How to Install
Unzip and place folder into your My Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\packages\core\override folder.

To give yourself the item, type runscript give_bloodbaron into the console.
Outfit will appear as an Orlesian noble outfit on HM, a generic robe on EM and a ruffless version of itself on EF.

If you're using the alternate UTI, replace the one named the same in the main file with it.


Thanks to LadyOfPayne for the original mesh & Ashhawk for texture upscales