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This mod utilizes ESRGAN (Enhanced Super-Resolution Generative Adversarial Networks) to upscale over 2200 textures by 2x or 4x. Multiple pre-trained models were used to reduce DDS compression artifacts, remove anti-aliasing, and add detail. This is my first attempt, and I will continue to update this mod into the future.

Permissions and credits
Diffuse and Normal textures were ran through multiple ESRGAN models (chained or interpolated) for upscaling.

Models used for removing DDS compression artifacts:

  • 1x_artifacts_bc1_free_alsa
  • 1x_BC1-smooth2
  • 1x_BCGone_Detailed_115000_G
  • 1x_BCGone_Smooth_110000_G

Models used for anti-aliasing:

  • 1x_SSAntiAlias9x
  • 1x_Alias_200000_G

Models used for dithering and debanding:

  • 1x_DitherDeleter64_70000_G
  • 1x_Debandurh_FS_lite_140000_G

Models used for upscaling:

  • 4x_Fallout_Weapons_V2
  • 4x_forest_textures_160k
  • 4x_MW_ESRGAN_130K
  • 4x_Nickelback_70000G
  • 4x_NMKD-UltraYandere_300k
  • 4x_realistic_misc_alsa
  • 4x_Sourcetex-v2_136000_G
  • 4x_textures_skyrim_armory_alsa
  • 4xGroundTextures_NonTiled_RGB_UpscalingAlgorithm_128HR_32LR_305k

I separated diffusion and normal textures into their own compressed zipped folders.

Known issues so far:

  • Crashes in Denerim
  • Crashes in Lothering
  • Requires your .EXE file to be set for LAA

Remove one or both folders if you're not able to load into the game or the crashing becomes unbearable.

I wasn't able to get all of the textures due to the fact that I was getting better at upscaling towards the end of this project and instead of starting over with a second attempt, I'll release whatever I've completed now (or it would've never come out). My second attempt will have more textures and in better quality. I'll also figure out what to do with the spectral textures. If there are textures that shouldn't be used for any reason, let me know in the comments. If there are textures that are misbehaving, let me know as well.