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Expanding Human Noble Story with some new things, like starting equipment, twisting plot, etc. Keep updating for new features.

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Human Noble Background Immersion

If you start the origin as a Cousland, 
  • (v1.0+) you will start with weapon that reflect the starting talents you choose,  ie if you are a rogue with archery skill you will bring shortbow instead of a pair of daggers when meeting with Howe.  (it's better if you use mods that let you distribute starting talents freely at start, like Advanced Party 1.3 mods)
  • (v1.0+) you will wake up in noble cloth, instead of naked if you sleep alone during Howe's attack. Your inventory will be in the chest next to your bed. 
  • (v1.0+) Family Sword will be a greatsword instead of a longsword if you have 2 handed weapon talents.
  • (v1.0+) you will get Family Dagger and Family Longbow along with the Family Sword. Whatever you choose to wield, the enhancement you get will be relatively equal.
  • (v1.01+) I always consider that the warning servant died in front of your door if you sleep alone should be the same servant you met climb up to upstair when you 're downstair with your mother. Two servants run upstair to warn you about the attack are too many. So I remove the second servant if the first one's already spawned and died. If you meet the 2nd servant, he won't run to  the mass of Howe's soldiers anymore, but continuing run upstair if you does not persuade him to fight. 
  • (v1.02+) Iona and/or Dairren will be in their room if they do not sleep with the Cousland, but they're died already when they're found.
  • (v1.03+) Surviving Soldiers will always join you, and then they will stay with Ser Gilmore to defend the main gate.
  • (v1.03+) No more disappearing servants. They will properly run to upstairs now. 
  • (v1.04+) Bring back The Guards of Gamblers, Fixing face of Guards of Prayers.
  • (v1.04+) Bloodstain for Dairren's body.
  • (v1.05+) More challenging Origin Story now, as you do not have 3 immortal tanks anymore for the Main Hall Battle. 
  • (v1.05+) Panicked Servant now truly identical with warning servant. 
  • (v1.06+) Guards are given personification. They have unique names now, and their names and looks are consistent for before and after siege.
  • (v1.06+) Guards always salute you if you're close to them now.
  • (v1.06+) Capel is more sacred now.  You can no longer go into the altar, so I move the Andraste book to bookshelf. Dogs are not permited to enter the capel.
  • (v1.06+) Guard that picks Duncan will be no longer end at the higher ground at Main Hall.
  • (v1.06+) When Arl Howe greeted Tyren Bryce, we could saw Duncan in the background near the maingate. It's not make sense, as Howe was surprised when Duncan 's picked. He should see Duncan when he entered the Mainhall. So I remove Duncan from there. 
  • (v1.06+) The praying guards will no longer jump to new positions after you greet Mallol.
  • (v1.07+)  High pace battle. You should reach Mainhall and the larder in time, or lost the game.
  • (v1.07+)   New layout of Mainhall battle to make it match with Ser Gilmore's story. He and the 2 guards were holding the door from inside, ambused by some Howe's soldier entered the castle from the wing door before they're closed by the castle defense mechanism by collapse them with stone and fire.
  • (v1.07+)  Compatibility with HNL mod.
  • (v1.07+)   Some new journal entries.

Next to Do:
  • Removing Plot Shield of Ser Gilmore and his 2 guards. It is reasonable balancing as now you can charge the main hall with more soldiers. 
  • (done @ v1.05)
  • Upgradeable Family Sword. I think I will use Redcliff's Blacksmith for this job.
  • New Short Quests. (starting @ v1.07)

  • To feel what the mods change, you should start a new game, as half of the changes (esp v1.06+) are area modifications. But it's about origins story after all.

Compatibility Issue:

  • This mod is not compatible with mods that change *.are and *.ncs files used in Noble Origin Stories, like Improved Atmosphere (IA). If you use  IA, you should delete ...\Override\Improved Atmospheres\3. PC Origins\Human Noble folder to make the changes this mods do being activated.  If you want IA's weapons and clothes, you can keep the *.utc, *.uti, and *.utp  found in the folder, and delete the rest of the files. Everything else from  IA will work as well.
  • Just put the folder extracted to the override folder.

  • Delete the folder.