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A powerful set of medium armor for Arcane Warriors, and a custom ironbark-themed Universal Dye Kit tint. Now a quest reward!

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New 10 May 2020 - Version 2.0: Added m2da override file so that the armor set will now be given as a reward for completing the Arcane Warrior Quest. The uti names have been changed for less potential confusion with other mods.

Long ago, there was an order of elven mages who trained in the techniques known as Dirth'ena Enasalin: the knowledge that led to victory. This set of ironbark armor belonged to such an Arcane Warrior, and now it belongs to the Warden.

This mod adds a set of medium armor for Arcane Warriors: the Dirth'ena Enasalin Armor, Gauntlets, and Boots, with stats aimed at boosting magic and mana regeneration, and a set bonus reducing fatigue and adding defense. The concept is that it was the armor of the ancient elf who teaches the Arcane Warrior specialization, so it appears in-game as a reward for the Arcane Warrior quest. The armor uses vanilla game models, so there will be no item variation conflicts with other mods, and a custom Universal Dye Kit tint is included so that the armor appears to be made of ironbark.

The stats of the Dirth'ena Enasalin Armor Set are:
  • Armor: +10 armor, +2 combat mana regeneration, +25 mana/stamina
  • Gauntlets: +5 magic, +1 combat mana regeneration
  • Boots: +1 combat mana regeneration, +10% spell resistance
  • Set bonus: -25% fatigue, +5 defense (identical to Wade's Superior Dragonskin Armor)
All pieces are made of tier 7 dragonbone, and are restricted to Arcane Warriors. A mod like The Magic Box can be used to lower the material tier, if desired.

The armor will be given to the player once they free the Presence of the Arcane Warrior in the Brecilian Ruins. It will not be given if they betray the Presence. The quest walkthrough can be found here.
Alternatively, this armor can be acquired through the console.
  1. Enable the developer console (instructions on the Dragon Age wiki here)
  2. type "runscript givedirthenaset" (without the " ")

The armor will appear with the vanilla dragonbone colors. To get it to look like my screenshots (and match the description of it as being made of ironbark), install the Universal Dye Kit and use it to apply the custom tint from this mod. By default it will replace custom user tint 4, but you can rename the included tint file according to the UDK standards. Make sure to remove all gear you don't want to tint before using the UDK. Here is the link to the Online Tint Creator settings.

This mod is incompatible with files that modify row 84, NTB_PHYLACTERY_XP_REWARD, of rewards.gda.

Download the mod, then unzip the folder and place it in your override folder (usually found at Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override). Rename the t3_nez_us4.tnt file if applicable.

Important Note
Do not uninstall the mod while the armor is equipped or in your inventory. If you delete the custom tint while your armor is tinted with it, the colors will revert to the default custom user tint 4 from the UDK (or whatever tint the custom tint is replacing).

In my screenshots, magpiedragon's excellent Neutral Female Armor is visible.