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Using DS4 for windows and a DS4 controller simply run the .exe. Xbox One controllers should work as well. I do not have 1 for testing but the layout is the same coding wise, try it out.

Please note that DS3 and Xbox 360 controllers are fundamentally different and will not work.

Permissions and credits
For now unless issues are reported I am not working on this. I am currently learning another programming language and may eventually port this over for testing if nothing else.

I have other button combos and can set up more quickbar options if that is desired. I will be cleaning my code up as I do not have anything else planned.
If something is broken let me know, if you think it needs adjusted let me know. The overlay will see tweaks as I clean the code but nothing new will be added at this time unless requested.
V3.1 Adjusted camera controls

V3.0 Fixed error message.

V2.9 Wrapped the program so it is dependent on the DAO window being active. Let me know if this creates any issues.

V2.8 Fixed issue with Speak/Select overlay not showing correctly on large screens. Changed text on Controller
Layout overlay to Cleartype and removed boldness so it displays better. Adjusted many other tweaks in the
code to get all overlays more responsive. Now when updating transparency level in the Layout screen it updates
much quicker.

V2.7 Fixed 2 other overlays and changed the Select/Speak to an icon rather than text. (See Pics)

V2.6 Fixed issue with Run/Walk not starting off correctly. Also adjusted 2 of the overlays one being
the controller layout so it should be easier to read on different screen sizes.

V2.5 "Fixed" The overlay. I have only tested this on my 2 screens both are 16 X 9 one 4k one 1080.
Let me know if the overlay is not showing up correctly for you. Adjusted the Controller Layout menu.
Because of this overlay I have added most of the quick menus. The Speak function now should work as well.
When the overlay is on display you can adjust the transparency by pressing LB to make it more invisible and
RB more opaque. Also while the controller layout is open you can choose your parties size. You simply press
the corresponding button. This fixes the LB and RB buttons when choosing next or last party member. Be sure
to change it if you change your party size. I did not post 2.4 because I decided I wanted everything I had coded working before posting again.

V2.3 The DPad was adjusted on this one. That is the only change. I recompiled the script and everything seems good.

V2.2 Added the ability to Start a conversation by holding RB and hitting a corresponding button. Fixed the layout for the Select.
The buttons now align correctly and correspond to the character shown. Added Speak and Select to the layout to distinguish
between LB and RB hold. Added the Hold/Free to the menu while holding RT hit X.

V2.1 Added Transparency selection to the Controller Layout menu. Also added the ability to select the number of Party members.
The default setting is 4. You can change this in the Controller layout screen to fix the LB and RB so they always respond to the
correct party member.

V2.0 This version comes with an optional Overlay. This aims to make to controls easier and works in the following method.
If you are holding down a button (e.g. Share) then an overlay will popup under the menu icons to display what button corresponds
to which menu. Also if you lightly press in RT then it will display the default Quickbar options while a full press displays Quickbar 7-10. See pics for more details. This overlay has a transparency level and at the time can be changed by pressing Alt + F1 on the keyboard.
If you slide the dial all the way to the left the overlay will be turned off and can be restored be simply pressing Alt + F1.
With this update comes some more combos for menu options. I am working on a new Layout menu to accomodate the Transparency level
as well as the new menu shortcuts.
** Fixed QuickSave and QuickLoad buttons.

V1.31 Holding down a button it no longer affects movement. Sorry I don't know how I missed it.

V1.3 Added In-Game Overlay for Controller Layout screen (See Image), it pops up when script runs and you can open it at any time by holding Options for more than 2 seconds.

V1.22 This should be a completed version unless someone reports a bug or requests something I missed. This version has tweaks for the walking that makes it transition more smoothly. It also adds the functions for Quickbar 10 and Quick Save/Quick Load features.

V1.21 Fixed the buggy Left Analog Stick. Now the running transitions smoothly as expected. I am still dialing in the exact coord for angular walking. Expect
another update soon to address that as well as add Quickbar 10, and the ability to Quick Save/Quick Load.

V1.2 This update changes the Left Analog Stick to auto detect walk/run. I have tested with a new and old controller both work as expected. I will be tweaking and fine tuning this for better transition when walking.

** Note**
If for some reason you are not running when you should be try pressing the Numpad / or load the .exe again. I have not had this happen in this version only when I was developing. Please let me know if I missed anything as this doubled my code so it is a lot to go over.

V1.13 Adds the function of adding members to a subset group (Shift + F1-F4) By holding LB and going clockwise starting with X.

Using V1.12+ Be sure to go to Steam - Settings - In Game and Change the shortcut key from Shift+Tab to something else like F11 + F12 This is the only version I will update going forward. To avoid this use V1.11 but be advised that Moving while holding (Right Stick In) will open the Shift+Tab menu.

Using V1.11 Please note Moving while holding (Right Stick In) will open the Shift+Tab menu. To avoid this upgrade to V1.12 and make the change to Steam Hotkeys listed above.

See Readme for Layout

The LB and RB features are set to a counter of 4. So if you have 2 party members and press RB 3 times it will stay on the 2nd character until it is pressed the 5th time which resets it to 1. This does not cause any issues. If I decide to maybe I will add a hotkey to set party member count.

**Fixed V1.11**
The Left Analog stick for movement works fine. But it is not as responsive as using the keys on a keyboard, as there is occasionally a stutter in switching directions. I have tried many things to get this to work perfectly but I can't seem to isolate a specific cause. But if memory serves this wasn't perfect on the PS3 either.

The below are still usable with the keyboard/mouse

I did not include h for Hold as an option because if I recall that never worked in the first place.
I did not include opening the console