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A retexture of the vanilla leather armours, including a belly covering female Dalish set and black trousers for the studded leathers.

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REQUIRES ALTERNATIVE ARMS AND ARMOR TINTS! (, although I have included a vanilla tint version of the female Dalish armour which covers the belly.  Because the bikini armour is just ridiculous.

This is a simple mod which I started because I couldn't stand the weird, gross, yellowy-grey trousers on the studded leather armour, and I always felt that the leather colours were too washed out and pale.  I am working on completing all of the sets of leathers but, for now, we have Dalish and studded leathers for both sexes and the Fereldan leathers for males.  I accidentally deleted the original female Fereldan armour file, so I need to unpackage all the textures again and get it back.

I play with the alternative arms and armor tints mods because it colours all tiers of armour the same in practical, realistic colours.  With this mod you can mix and match armour pieces with impunity!  Without this mod, you'll get some bizarre garish colours with these retextures, particularly with the studded leather.

All still work with the universal dye kit (

TO INSTALL: unzip and drop into the \BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override folder.

TO UNINSTALL: simply delete the folders.

Any questions and/or problems, let me know x