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Assigns a new morph to Goldanna during the Fade sequence with Alistair. Use only if you intend to complete the Broken Circle quest before setting foot in Denerim and meeting the actual Goldanna! No other mods required.

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First mod I'm sharing here! I don't know about you, but the fact that the Goldanna you see in the Fade (when rescuing Alistair from the dream Sloth trapped him in) looks exactly like the actual Goldanna even if you haven't met her yet has been bothering me quite a bit. How could Sloth, Alistair or the Warden possibly know what she looks like if they've never met her? It makes no sense to me, and if it doesn't make any sense to you either, then this mod is for you! 

I assigned her a new morph for that part of the game only, so that it doesn't alter her appearance in Denerim. Nothing fancy, it's just a pretty generic-looking face that I made from scratch (though I did give her the same skin tone and eye colour as vanilla Alistair).

This mod is only meant to be used if you complete the Broken Circle quest before setting foot in Denerim and meeting Goldanna in the flesh. If you've already met her when you enter the Fade, then you know what she looks like and I don't think it would make much sense for her Fade version to look like a completely different person.


Open up the .zip file and extract the Alternative Goldanna folder into your override folder (usually located in My Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override). 

To uninstall, simply delete the Alternative Goldanna folder from your override folder.

Compatibility issues

Will conflict with any other mod that affects cir300cr_goldanna.utc.

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