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Item pack for Leliana with unique armor, weapon and accessories.

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I love when companions have an specific outfit they wear, so naturally I love item packs !
But I haven't found one for my wife Leliana that I really like yet o:
And since I got the toolset to work, I thought I mind as well try it myself !

Items are p overpowered as I never want my wife to die :p

! NOTE !
The helmet has no mesh, cause I hate hats and always use no helmet hack

None !
(All meshes and files are included)

  1. Download file
  2. Unzip into your override folder
  3. Start up game and open console commands
  4. Type "runscript giveleliana" (with no " " )
  5. All items should be in your inventory now

(Override is found in /documents/BioWare/Dragon Age/packages/core/ )


  1. Delete unzipped folder from override
03 April 2018 ver. 1.1
+ Replaced lightened vanilla bow texture with new custom white wood texture

Recommended Mods:
Not compatible with mods who use the same texture/mesh names.
Will work with Kirkwall Exports by Amycus
but will effect the textures from said mod.
Not compatible with the "others" in Back to Fereldan by Sabrine, unless you delete her bow files.

If you do not have Kirkwall Exports or Back to Fereldan you'll see items in the toolset that do not exists, as I use Amycus' and Sabrine's GDA files in this mod.


Amycus for porting the armor meshes / textures
Sabrine for porting the bow meshes / textures
Dalishious for the retexture of Isabela's armor
Bioware for creating original meshes / textures

Please share sceneshots ! I love seeing them (
Enjoy !