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Turns two NPCs in Ostagar into Hawke and Carver Update: now both male and female Hawke available with VO and few different appearance options! Also Aveline available!

Permissions and credits
Update 6.01.2019:
Added requested compatibility file for Aveline's Denerim Speech Fix and Battle Speech Party mod: you can find it under optional files.
Installation: delete battle speech party and previous Denerim Speech Fix from your override folder, then download compatibility file, extract, and put in override folder.
Important: I take absolutely no credit for Battle Speech Party, I merely deleted NPC I used for Aveline from there. All credits for those files go to Tinimaus.


Update 21.04.2108:
I added requested optional file that turns the nurse in Ostagar into Bethany. She comes with the same four options of skin tones as Hawke and Carver, for tanned, swarthy and dark you're gonna need Pineappletree s Vibrant Colors, other than that it requires Tucked hair and Kirkwall Exports (see Requirements). Download, extract, then put in your override folder Main folder and the folder with the skin tone you want. It changes a little bit conversation with nurse and that panicked soldier to match Bethany's lines, nothing too drastic though. Enjoy!


Update 28.03.2018:

New update! Now you can choose yourself hair and eye colour your Hawke has! There are four new hair colours available: white, blond, red and brown; and ten new eye colours: dark blue, light blue, turquoise, green, hazel, amber, light brown, dark brown, grey and black. See pictures in Images section for references (second page, after Aveline). To get them, download Custom Eye Colours and/or Female/Male Hawke Custom Hair Colours from Optional Files, extract and then follow instructions in included Readme. They're just too long to write it all here.
Important note: It works a little bit different for male Hawke with light/tanned skin tone, pay attention to that while reading Readme.

I also plan to add in the near future several hairstyle options to help you get appearance as close to your custom Hawke as possible - if you're not using default Hawke, of course. Stay tuned for that update!


Update 17.03.2018:

As it turns out, Bioware used some characters from Ostagar for Denerim battle and, well, one of them is the one I used for Aveline. I uploaded a new version so now Aveline won't suffer from some strange kind of bilocation, standing in the crowd during Alistair/Anora speech while she's in Kirkwall at the same time... I also added a standalone Denerim Speech Fix for Aveline for those of you who already have Aveline so you won't have to download everything again. Extract and put in override.
Compatibility with Battle Speech Party: as far as I can tell, it should be compatible as long as you remove all .cut and .cub files from battle speech party folder, leaving only clipt_generic_actions.ncs Then it should work correctly, you party should be there and Aveline should be absent. 


Update 10.03.2018:

I added optional files that change one female NPC - the one Daveth's hitting on when you first come across him, near quartermaster -  into Aveline. You're gonna need Pineappletree s Vibrant Colors and SJCs Tints And Textures for her to show up properly (see Requirements). I didn't wanted to make it too mod-heavy but I guess we all want her as close to her DA2 appearance as possible, right? Simply download, extract and put in override folder.
You may notice that there's a folder named "Optional files - Dialogue" - it adds two Aveline's lines to ambient conversation that NPC is having with Daveth. It's optional so if you don't want to use it, just delete this folder. In vanilla version of this conversation female NPC is not saying anything so not matching voice should not be a problem either way. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you decide to use those dialogue folder, keep in mind that that ambient conversation is not going to play automatically when you come near them as it normally would, you have to actually click on Aveline. Sorry about that, I had some problems with trigger, hope it's not that big of a deal for you. Simply click on her and everything should work properly.

I've also reorganized main files so you wouldn't have to scroll down forever... Now all skins options are in one file - just download it, extract and choose only ONE folder with skin tone of your choice to be placed in the override.


Update 2.03.2018:

I added three new additional skin tones for every version of Hawke and Carver: tanned, swarthy and dark. As for now, light (the ones available before) and tanned versions have default eyes colors (blue for female Hawke and Carver; amber for male Hawke) while swarthy and dark have dark brown eyes, but if you'd like that changed, just let me know. Since I didn't really like vanilla dark skin tones, you're gonna need Pineappletree s Vibrant Colors (see Requirements). Enjoy!
Important note: If you used previous version (light) and now you'd like to use of the darker ones, you need to delete your previous download, otherwise there will be a files conflict.


Update 1.03.2018:

Male Hawke now available! There are all the same options as for female Hawke: mage, warrior with greatsword (two-handed), warrior with sword and shield, rogue with bow and rogue with daggers. Each version can be with iconic blood smear (needs additional mod, see Requirements) or without it. As with female Hawke, male Hawke warrior wears DAO heavy armour, rogue wears DAO medium armour and mage wears tmp7704's Apostate Clothing (needs additional mod, see Requirements). Again, for Hawke's hair you're gonna need Tucked Hair by tmp7704 (see Requirements)
IMPORTANT: I've managed to put together some conversations using m!Hawke's and Carver's line from DA2. They're in Conversations for Male Hawke file. I've put it in the optional files so that all dialoge changes would be in the same place, but it's a MUST HAVE for male Hawke. If you won't download those files, your m!Hawke is gonna talk with f!Hawke voice... I don't think anyone wants that ;) So just dowload it, extract and put in your override folder along with male Hawke you've chosen. These conversations are not perfect, but I guess at least it's something, right?


Update 19.02.2018:

I added requested mage Hawke, both with and without blood smear. She's wearing tmp7704's Apostate Clothing, so you're gonna need this mod (see Requirements below). 


This mod is inspired by maymay1588's Female Hawke at Ostagar wich changes the nurse at Ostagar into the iconic female Hawke. It's a great mod but, personally, I just couldn't picture my Hawke as a nurse. Luckily, beside said nurse, there's also another NPC in Ostagar that uses female Hawke's voice and since she's talking to a male NPC, I thoght: Why not change them into f!Hawke and Carver? So here we go!
There are few versions to choose from so let's have a look at them so everything is clear. There are two versions of Carver: one wearing simple heavy armour from DAO and second wearing his clothes from DA2 (needs additional mod, see Requirements). Choose whichever you like, wether you prefer him as ready-for-combat and matching everyone else around or his iconic DA2 look.
Now, for Hawke, there is eight versions. You can have her armed with bow, two daggers, greatsword (two-handed) or sword and shield and each can go with iconic blood smear (needs additional mod, see Requirements) or without it. Since it's way to early for Hawke to have her iconic champion armour and I didn't want to used too many other mods so you won't have to download bunch of other things, warrior Hawke (greatsword and sword&shield) is wearing heavy armour from DAO while rogue Hawke (bow and daggers) is wearing medium armour also from DAO.
Since these NPC only have ambient conversations, you can't really interact with them, but, hey, at least they're there, right? At least f!Hawke's voice is saying that it's perfect time to get drunk and that's a very Hawke thing to say, if you ask me ;)
I also include additional file which changes the male NPC lines into Carver's lines from DA2. It's most definitely not perfect, but if you want to hear your Hawke's dearest brother instead of some random guy, here you go. It also changes one line of female NPC/Hawke to match the conversation, cause I don't think it would've make much sense for Hawke to talk about "her pa" since they have the same father and from DA2 we know that thay called him "father", not "pa", so there's this little change with her one line from DA2.
Where to find them? When you arrive with Duncan in Ostagar for the first time, cross the bridge, go left, pass the royal enclave and then turn left behind it, before Loghain's tent. Now go striaght forward, pass the soldiers gathered around genlock's corpse, and you should see them.

Tucked Hair by tmp7704 - this mod contains both male and female Hawke's and Carver's hair so it's necessary, you're also gonna need that for optional file with Bethany. Unfortunately, it can't be found right now on Nexus and BioWare Social Network was closed (why...?!) but you can still dowload it here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/tmp7704/downloads/tucked-hair Download it, extract, then extract the tucked_hair file and put extracted files in your override folder. You can of course use others included files as well but tucked_hair is the one you're gonna need for my mod. If anyone has problem accesing this mod, let me know.

Pineappletree s Vibrant Colors  - version 1.31, you can use either normal or Light version, it doesn't really matter since those versions differ in eye colors and you're only gonna need skin tones files. Download whichever version you prefer, extract and put in your override folder. You may keep only skin tones files if you don't want the rest. Hair and brows tint are requested for Aveline though, so keep them if you decide to use Aveline as well.

For Carver's DA2 clothing:
Others from Back to Ferelden by sabine - you're gonna need "Others" from Optional Files, not main file. Download, extract and put in override folder.

For Hawke's blood smear:
For female: Hawke Female Skin and Eye textures from Garrett Hawke Textures by fallingangel89 -  Hawke Female Skin and Eye textures file is in the main files. Download, extract and put in override folder.
For male: hawke skin and eye textures from  Garrett Hawke Textures by fallingangel89 - hawke skin and eye textures file is in the main files. Download, extract and put in override folder.

For Mage Hawke's clothing (both male and female):
Apostate Clothing by tmp7704 - download it, extract and install dazip file with DAUptader or other similar program you prefer. 
Note: From what I noticed, it's conflicted with one of the Improved Atmosphere file since they're using the same name in few places. So if you want this mod and you're using IA, I suggest deleting Apostate Clothing from IA (IA/1.Global/1.4.Items/Materials). Otherwise tmp7704's Apostate Clothing is going to look like one of the robes from IA.

For Aveline's skin texture:
SJCs Tints And Textures by SammyJC - download, extract and put in override folder. You're only gonna need skin textures so that's the thing you need to keep if you don't want the rest.

For Bethany's robes:
Kirkwall Exposrts by amycus - download, extract and install dazip file with DAupdater/DAModder/whatever you prefer.

Get requested mods, choose one version of Carver and one of Hawke, download and extract. Choose ONLY ONE folder with skin tone you prefer and put it in your override folder (usually located in Documents/BioWare/DragonAge/packages/core).
For male Hawke: download Conversations for Male Hawke, extract and put in override folder.
Optionally for Female Hawke: download Conversations for Female Hawke for Carver's voice and lines in conversations. Again, extract and put files in override folder.
Optionally: download Aveline, extract and put in override folder. You may or may not use "Optional files - Dialogue" included for Aveline but if you do, remember to click on Aveline for conversation to start.

Delete downloaded files from your override folder.

This mod changes "gossip soldiers" and their conversations so it's not compatible with any other mod that changes pre100cr_soldier_gossip1.utc, pre100cr_soldier_gossip2.utc or pre100_soldier_gossip.fsb, pre100_soldier_gossip.fev and pre100_soldier_gossip.dlg
So far I came across only one incompatible mod and that's Improved Atmosphere. If you're using it, make sure to delete pre100cr_soldier_gossip1.utc and pre100cr_soldier_gossip2.utc (from ImprovedAtmosphere/2.Modules/2.2Characters). Alternatively, you can place my mod in Custom folder of IA (Improved Atmosphere/8.Custom) and it should override those files.
Aveline is not compatible with anything that changes pre100cr_soldier_fem_1.utc file - again, the only one I'm aware of is IA. Optional dialogue folder is not compatible with anything that changes pre100_daveth.dlb and  pre100_daveth.dlg Haven't seen anything incompatible with those so far but just so you know.
Bethany is not compatible with any other mod that changes pre100cr_nurse.utc, pre100_soldier_panicked.fsb, pre100_soldier_panicked.fev,
pre100_soldier_panicked.dlb, pre100_soldier_panicked.dlg, pre100_nurse.fsb, pre100_nurse.fev, pre100_nurse.dlg, 182442.cub, 182442.cut,
182445.cub, 182445.cut, 182447.cub, 182447.cut, 182450.cub and 182450.cub

Important notes:
1. Characters equipment - so also what they are wearing - is set when you enter the area they are in. So for this mod to work fully, you'll need to install it before reaching Ostagar, that is before finishing your origin story  (don't even ask how many times I watched my Cousland leave her parents to die in order to see if everything works alright).
2. As for now, there's only default Hawke and Carver with few skin tones available, but if you want some other appearance, let me know, I'll see what I can do.
3. Since we don't know in which unit exactly Hawke fought I gave her/him shield with South Reach heraldry, cause Lothering is a part of South Reach Arling. I thought it's safe and lore-friendly option but if you don't like it for some reason, let me I know, it can be changed easily.
4. Note for modders: I created my own eye tints for female Hawke, Carver and Aveline (there's really big difference between blue eyes in DAO and DA2) - if you want to use those tints for... whatever you're doing, feel free.

I haven't come across any problems myself with this mod, but if something doesn't work for you, let me know, perhaps it can be remedied.