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The mod restores the human commoner origin with an original backstory and characters

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Human Commoner Origin: Revived

As you may know a human commoner origin for warriors and rogues was originally planned for the game but was dropped during the game's development due to concerns that the origin, nicknamed the 'chosen one' origin, didn't fit the overall story or the other origins.

The work already done on the origin, including all necessary scripting and plot flags for the origin to be playable in the main campaign and some voiced dialogue, including the introduction to Cailan at Ostagar and the Warden being called a 'peasant' at the Landsmeet, were not cut and remained in the game. 

However, no work was done on the origin itself. There are no areas or characters and no origin specific references, such as the conversation with Wynne about how the human commoner became a Grey Warden, and no gauntlet 'ghost' or coronation attendee. 

While there are references in the toolset regarding the origin, they are not consistent with each other nor with the dialogue found in game and since the problem was with the story itself, I wrote an original story that fits the references found in the game. A gauntlet 'ghost' and coronation attendee were then added and so was a character to one of the main quests. Codex entries were also added to expand on the origin and a few lines of dialogue were altered or added when needed. 

The origin story will be told as a slideshow, similar to the epilogue slides, at the beginning of the game and the game will begin at Ostagar. Pictures of the completed morphs and farm level are included in the images section. 

I had planned on doing a playable origin but found that it would take too much time and work for me to do on my own. If anyone is interested in contributing to the mod or making mods compatible with this one, please let me know. 


Download and extract. Install the dazip with the DAUpdater and place the 'Human Commoner Origin' folder into override.

The mod can be uninstalled at any time by using a mod manager to uninstall the dazip and removing the folder from override. Even if disabled or uninstalled the saves for a human commoner will still be playable since all the necessary scripting to play that origin is already a part of the game. However, there will be no gauntlet 'ghost', coronation attendee or relevant dialogue changes. 

To play the origin, start a new game and select the origin's icon, then create your character as you normally would. Afterwards, there will be a slideshow that will tell the story of the origin. The game will then begin as you arrive at Ostagar with Duncan. The human commoner will begin the game at level 3, with new equipment and several codex entries revealed, including new ones specific to the origin. 


RogueLass has created some wonderful clothing, weapons and armors specifically for the origin. Please see the screenshots in the image section. 

To use, download the optional file, extract, install the dazip and then place the folder into the 'Human Commoner Origin' folder in override before starting a new game. 

Also included is a list of scripts if you wish to use the armors after starting a game. 


Because of the way the chargen screen is set up, it will only show six of the origin icons at a time. So if the mod is enabled, the dwarf noble origin icon will be missing and therefore not selectable. If you wish to start a dwarf noble game, simply disable the mod until after the character is created. For all other origins, the mod can be enabled without issue. 

There are obviously issues with any mods that change, add or alter the origins such as the Dalish Mage origin. 

New characters and additional lines of dialogue are not voiced so it is highly recommended that you enable subtitles before talking to them. The characters do lip sync their lines and have facial expressions and gestures. So you are not just looking at a lifeless model during conversations. 

Also there are a few mods that alter the starting equipment for the human noble origin and at least some will affect the starting equipment for the human commoner as the authors of those mods only put the condition of 'human' on their new starting equipment. The first listed is a known incompatibility, the others are untested so it might be best to disable those mods when playing the human commoner. 

Of Noble Cast
Noble Couslands of Ferelden
Obsidian's Nobler Noble


The mod should be compatible with most mods as all the inner workings of the mod are vanilla assets. However, there may be a conflict with how the origin is accessed and a few of the additions and fixes. 

The mod changes the following files: 



If you wish to change the morphs for the new characters, simply rename the morph you wish to use with the following file names. 


If using my Alistair's Revised Romance (ARR) mod, please download and install the 'Human Commoner Pack' under the optional files of that mod. It contains expanded dialogues and options specifically designed for the human commoner origin. 


The family's surname 'Ainsley' means 'woodland clearing' in Gaelic and refers to the location of their farm. 

The pc's mother, Nansie, is named in remembrance of nancyferg, who passed away in November of 2016. 


All credit and my deep appreciation to Taylor17387 for all the scripting necessary for the mod to work. Thank you for helping me make my idea a reality!

My gratitude to RogueLass for gracing the mod with her talent not only in design, including the origin's icon, but with the incredible clothing, weapons and armors she created specifically for the mod. 

My thanks to my testers, Bergamont29 and ladyluck278 for the help, dedication, and support!


A Warden's Sacrifice

Alistair's Revised Romance

Alistair's Dark Ritual

Alistair's Proposal

Farewell Ser Gilmore

Fare ye well, Duncan

Save Connor - No Fade