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A small cutscene for the Dalish Elf Origin Warden. Plays when Tamlen asks the Warden to kill him and the Warden replies "If that's what you really want."

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Killing Tamlen

This mod is what happens when two insomniacs (Cullenite & me) start chatting at 3am.

Cullenite suggested that the game should include a cutscene for when you agree to kill Tamlen out of mercy (instead of him going hostile and the Warden decapitating him in a deathblow animation).

To install, please extract the file and put it into your override folder. Once installed, the "If that's what you really want" reply will trigger the cutscene.

The mod changes the cam110_tamlen.dlg file. Any other mods using the same file will conflict.

I didn't have a savegame with a Dalish Origin Warden, so Cullenite had to be my "eyes" while I was scripting blind. If you're experiencing any trouble with the mod, please let me know!