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I had this thought: “Wouldn’t it be nice if my Mahariel got to keep something to remind her of Tamlen?” It grew from there.
This mod adds several items to the inventory of the Dalish Warden, depending on class, specific dialogue choices in the origin, and game progress.

Permissions and credits
So...Dragon Age Origins is still a very recent game, right? I felt the need to make something (unspectacular) for it.
I had this thought: “Wouldn’t it be nice if my Mahariel got to keep something to remind her of Tamlen?”
It grew from there. 

Clan Sabrae would not let one of its most promising hunters leave without equipment suited for the task ahead.
Maybe some things lost can never be found, but sometimes something still can be kept. 

This mod adds several items to the inventory of the Dalish Warden, depending on class, specific dialogue choices in the origin, and game progress. 
These are not new models. I just wanted to have some further connection to the origin, reminders of home and so on.

Not all items are given at once, but the main part will be received upon arriving at Ostagar.
(If installed at a later time, the items will still be given, of course.)

The items are somewhat powerful, but not more so than the DLC items, especially after having earned all achievements for the story DLC. 


Rogues receive: 

  • a light armour set (it’s the basic model for Dalish Armour)
  • a longbow
  • a dagger

Warriors receive:

  • a heavy armour set (it’s the model of Ancient Elven Armour (actuallly heavy instead of medium, as the original is))
  • a greatsword 
  • a shield

Every Dalish Warden, independent of class, receives:

  • 2 rings
  • a belt
  • an amulet
  • a longsword

The weapons are rune enabled; both armour and weapons scale. To scale the items, manual input is necessary – either by selling/rebuying, or by using another mod that allows item upgrades.  

Upon arriving at Ostagar

The Warden receives weapons and an armour set depending on their class, as well as one ring, one belt, and one longsword. It’s Dalish equipment, so it's good for dexterity.

Later in game

After the Warden - as the Dragon Age Wiki puts it - discovers Tamlen's fate, they receive an amulet.
The exact nature of this amulet depends on if Mahariel “wanted to be with [Tamlen], of course” in the origin or not.
Statswise, it is somewhere in the area of “The High Regard of House Dace”. 

On starting the end game

When the Dalish Warden is ready for the Landsmeet, they will receive a ring. It’s a bit like “Lifegiver”. When worn together with the amulet, the wearer receives a set bonus.


The heavy armour uses the tintable version’s files for Ancient Elven Armour provided by nezroy’s Universal Dye Kit and are included here as per his Credits and distribution permission statement. (Enormous thanks – I would have had neither skill nor patience to do this myself).  
Any additional mod that changes the look of the Ancient Elven Armour’s model will also change this one’s. 

The screenshot marked "inventory final" was taken while using tmp7704’s elf female proportion fix. Without it or a mod similar to it elven women will sport the original bare midriff when wearing the light armour set. 

If mods to have a Dalish mage / Dalish custom class work the way I expect them to, a Dalish non-rogue, non-warrior will receive the class independent items. I did not specifically test for that, though. 

Receiving the amulet is triggered by the conversation following the last encounter with Tamlen. As such this part of this mod is not compatible with any other that alters the file cam100reactions.dlg, as for example Karma’s Origins Companions Mod does. 

The equipment is not tintable with the Universal Dye Kit, but by placing generated tint files in the game’s override folder (Dragon Age\packages\core\override) the look can be changed. To override this mod’s tints, those tint files need to be named as follows:
  • For heavy armor: t3_om_ed_ancient.tnt
  • For light boots: t3_om_ed_lt_boots.tnt
  • For light chest: t3_om_ed_lt_chest.tnt
  • For light gloves: t3_om_ed_lt.gloves.tnt
  • For the melee weapons: t3_om_ed_melee.tnt
  • For the bow: t3_om_ed_ranged.tnt


Unzip the main file with 7-zip, winrar or whatever you use for unzipping.
Install theDAzip within with DAO-Modmanager, DAupdater or whatever you prefer to use to install DAzips. 

Additional files:

Because I spend some time with this origin, I felt I could change the optics a little. The optional files are little changes to Tamlen’s face (both versions), as well as to his equipment in the origin (giving him a clan shield and a Dar'Misaan). They need to be placed in the game’s override folder (Dragon Age\packages\core\override). The .utc file needs to be installed before starting the origin, otherwise the equipment won't be changed.

Additional notes:

Generating this mod was a bit of a test to see if I still remembered how to do it and maybe learn something new. Although this is a very small thing, I would not have been able get back into it without being able to read the discussions and tips preserved on the Bioware Forums. 
If this mod doesn't do what it should, or is otherwise annoying or not working, I'd like to hear about it. (If it does exactly what it should, I wouldn't mind to hear, either.)