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Makes some extra changes to enhance your gameplay experience.

Permissions and credits
Completely reworked the code and fixed a few bugs that had slipped by. Codex entries from the "Control" section have been added into the game in a more seamless way. New changes added.
1.5 Tweaked a script to prevent some items from being removed from Bodahn's store if the player removed the Merchant module. Changed file structure to allow for an even better modular installation (see the installation/uninstallation section). Updated readme's.
Initial release

What does this mod do?

This mod comes with 3 different modules:

Codex: Several codex entries from the "Controls" section were unattainable in-game, leaving several blank spots in you journal. Similarly, a few codices could only be obtained by specific races/backgrounds or by making certain decisions. This module fixes that; now it is possible to obtain all codex entries during your playthrough of the main campaign. Specifically, the codex entries that were "fixed" are the following:

  • Retrieve you equipment: Unlocks when you load into the Denerim City Gates during the game's climax.
  • Codex entries: Unlocks when you examine an object that also yields a codex entry.
  • Combat Basics/Combat Basics - Mage: The missing codex will now unlock when you initiate combat and there's a mage or warrior/rogue in your party, depending on which entry is missing.
  • Recipes: Unlocks when you open the crafting UI for the first time.
  • Level Up: Unlocks when you open the Level Up UI for the first time.
  • Party Members: Unlocks when you acquire your first 4-man party.
  • In Uthenera: This entry will now be obtainable even if you sided with the werewolves. In the base game you can only get this entry by siding with the elves or by angering Lanaya, potentially locking you out of extra content in the Dalish Camp.
  • The Dark Moon: You can now unlock this entry by opening the new locked chest that spawns in the Dalish Camp behind Varathorn. Additionally, Varathorn will no longer sell this item (this is to prevent people from acquiring multiple copies of this bow). Similar to Lanaya, you can potentially become locked out of this content in the base game if you make the Dalish angry at you or if you side with the werewolves.
  • The Tale of Iloren: This book will now spawn in the same chest that contains The Dark Moon. In the base game you can only get this item if you help Cammen get together with Gheyna or by sleeping with him. In order to prevent duplicates from being acquired, if you happen to loot this book from the chest first and then decide to help Cammen he will now reward you with a Silverleaf ring instead.
  • Several codex entries that were supposed to be acquired when you talked to Sarel about the Brecilian Forest have been fixed (see here).
  • Mana and the Use of Magic: A pile of books that give this codex when examined has been added to the first floor of the Circle Tower. In the base game this codex entry is only obtainable by mages.
  • Desire and Need: If you decide to let the charmed templar that has this entry go he will now drop a pile of rags that contains this codex. In the base game it was only possible to get it if you killed him.
  • The Legend of Luthias the Dwarfson: Dwarves can now the Ash Warrior in Ostagar about Luthias the Dwarfson (the option should now show up if you pick "Can I ask you something?"). In the base game it is just assumed that you, as a dwarf, already know all about him.

Job Boards: This module removes the Chanters Board, Blackstone Irregulars box and Mages Collective sack from Redcliffe Village. In the base game you can lock yourself out of this content if you decide to let Redcliffe get destroyed. This also makes it impossible to finish the questlines for the Blackstone Irregulars and Mages Collective.

The unique quests that can only be obtained in these boards have been moved to other job boards and NPCs affected by these changes have also been altered to accommodate these changes (specifically, Knight Commander Harrith will now spawn in the village regardless of Redcliffe's status).

Finally, if you decide to let Jowan go his quest should now appear in Denerim's Chanters Board and the location that it sends you to should now properly disappear from the world map once you have completed the quest. (new in v2.0)

Bodhan's Special Store: Bodhan will now upgrade his inventory as you progress through the main storyline by adding the following new items to his shop each time you complete a major questline:

  • Broken Circle: Infinite Lyrium Dust, random amount of Spirit Shards (30-50) and random amount of Demonic Ichor (30-50).
  • Nature of the Beast: Infinite Elfroot, infinite Deathroot and infinite Toxin Extract.
  • Orzammar (up to killing Jarvia): Infinite Glamour Charms, infinite Metal Shards and infinite Trap Triggers.
  • A Paragon of Her Kind (full Orzammar questline): Infinite Deep Mushrooms, infinite Lifestones and 10 random Grandmaster Runes (Fire, Cold, Lightning, Dweomer or Paralyze).
  • The Urn of Sacred Ashes: Random amount of Fire Stones (30-50), random amount of Frost Rocks (30-50) and random amount of Frozen Lightning (30-50).
  • The Arl of Redcliffe: After reviving Arl Eamon, Bodahn will give a permanent 15% discount.

Wynne: This mod makes a few tweaks to Wynne's dialogue:

  • She will now ask about how you became a Grey Warden and unlock the subsequent dialogue branches. In the base game she will only ask this if you sided with the mages during the main quest.
  • Similarly, she will now have the conversation about how it has been almost a year and blah, blah, blah as you approach the end of the game. In the base game this conversation only unlocks if you complete the "Captured!" quest. Additionally you can now gain approval during this conversation (in the base game you can't gain any).
  • In order to add some compatibility with Improved Atmosphere (since that mod also edits her dialogue), Wynne will now give +20 approval when you talk to her after completing her personal quest.


Extract this mod's files into your "Dragon Age/packages/core/override" folder or, if you're using Improved Atmosphere, extract them in that mod's "8. Custom" folder instead (to ensure optimal compatibility). The "Codex" folder contains a .dazip file that you'll also need to install using DA Modder or any tool capable of installing these files to get this module to work. The rest of the folders don't need any extra work to be installed.

If you're updating from a previous version of the mod you'll need to delete the old files before installing the new version.

This mod is completely modular; this means that, if the features from a specific module don't appeal to you, you can delete the module's folder without any repercussions (or if you don't wish to use the "Codex" module then simply don't install the .dazip).


Use DA Modder or any tool that can work with .dazip files to uninstall the .dazip that came with this mod. Delete the rest of the files from the directory that you initially extracted them to.


Any mod that edits the following listed files will be incompatible with this mod:

Codex module:

  • ntb100im_cammen_book.uti
  • plt_ntb100pt_sarel.plo
  • cir000pt_encounters.ncs
  • pre100_ash_warrior.dlg/dlb

NOTE: Admittedly, the changes that I made for Sarel's dialogue were very "lazy". This is because both ZDF and Improved Atmosphere already provide a more substantial fix by making more detailed edits to his dialogue and I'd rather keep the conflict of files to a minimum. If you wish to fix this particular issue with Sarel I highly suggest using either one of those mods (or both) instead.

Job Boards module:

  • lite_chant_rand_jowan.ncs
  • plt_lite_chant_rand_jowan.plo

Special Store module:

  • cam100ar_camp_plains.lst (patch available here)
  • cli03al_redcliffe_castle.lst

Wynne module:

  • wynne.dlg/dlb
  • genpt_wynne_main.ncs

In general, if you wish to solve any conflict of files all you need to do is delete any files whose changes you do not want to keep or simply ensure that the files whose changes you DO want to keep load AFTER the ones that you do not want to keep (really, it's just safer to delete the files). Keep in mind however, that this might cause some things to not work properly.

* Anakin55 for the Event Manager mod. It truly is a life saver.
* Bioware for the wonderful toolset and excellent game.