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Adds new outfits on NPC children

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Hello! Are you sick of all the kids in the game running around in the same 2 outfits? I know I am!
The following is a mod to diversify the outfits for the child NPC's in the game and improve immersion in the game.

I've put a lot of thought into choosing the outfits for the characters to try to keep it lore friendly.

-Circle apprentice children are wearing Mage robes. (Mage Origin and Broken Circle)
-Dalish elf children are wearing green/earthy color scheme. (Dalish Origin and Nature of the Beast)
-City elf children are dressed in commoner clothing/rags (City Elf Origin/Elven Alienage)
-Lothering and Redcliffe children dressed as commoners.
-Connor and Oren wear noble clothing.
-Squire boys are wearing armor (Noble Origin)
-Denerim kids are wearing noble clothing. (Parents are drinking at the noble tavern ;D)

I've also given names to children that I feel like the PC would know, if the can be spoken to or have a cutscene.
So far I've named the Mage apprentices, the squires, and the Haven kid.
These files are in the optional files section, so you don't have to use them.

Morphs will be added to diversify the children with added hairstyles and improve upon vanilla with textures.

For Clothes
Additional Clothing for Kids (Mod Resource) by DarthParametric 

For Morphs (coming soon)
Look Hair - Children Edition by Risibisi
Pineappletree's Vibrant Colors
New Eyes for DAO by Vilissa
Face and Eye Textures by fmorgana and KH textures by kani_hime
SjC's Lipsticks Moles and Freckles and Realistic Textures by SammyJC

1. Install the additional clothing for kids mod by dropping it into your override folder
2. Install this mod by dropping the folder into your override folder.
3. Enjoy! ;D

Recommended Mods:

Girls Shorter Pigtails by Darth Parametric

All credit goes to DarthParametric who converted the meshes and did all the hard work and Bioware for creating the original models.

For further specifications, permissions, and details be sure to read the complete description on his original mod.

Morphs not included but I will probably post them eventually.

Special thanks to Kajana for helping me make a UTC for Amalia ;D


If there is a specific child that you would like in a specific outfit, feel free to leave a comment with a request in the comments. There are more outfit choices in the source mod by DarthParametric than ones I used here if you want to take a look and pick from those. Requested files will be posted as optional files to the mod.