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This tool allow to transfer faces between savegames, character files or game resources.

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This is a tool to make life easier for DA gamers.
It allow to exchange faces for the main character, between savegames, character files, or game resources.
It allow to change the character name and the inventory size too.

Latest News (Old news at the end):
Feb. 28 2011 : 2.10 beta version2 released. Name is now almost correctly retrieved (better algorithm) and savegame editing moved to "Savegame" file selection tab.

DA2 (and maybe Awakening) note:
XunAmarox tells that the 1.20 version work for DA2 to change npc faces and explain the method to exchange:
It may also work for exchanging face, I think (to be confirmed)

1. Extract mor from save with face replacer.
2. rename mor to match npc's mor file.
3. (at this point we're following this tutorial's instructions)
4. put into a new folder
5. use erfpack
6. put it in override folder.

Using this method you can pretty much make an npc look however you want pretty easily. Just stand by the mirror in Black Emporium and change the face how you want, save, extract, blah blah. Easy!

Only warning is, if you use a skin tone different than the npc's, some of them have unique armors that have their old skin tone, so you'll have to change those textures yourself to reflect the new skin tone. Examples would be a lighter Isabela (you can find this already on nexus) or a darker Aveline.

The User Interface will give you some rules by clicking on the blue "?" button.
To be more explicit there are the known usages of the tool:

- Set new face from another savegame
- Set new face from a character maid in the Character Creator
- Set new face from game resources (example : set for your character to have the head of Morrigan)
- Extract *.mor face file from savegame
- Set new face from a face file (*.mor)
- Use Character Creator to build face for your own modules
- Edit savegame with character name and inventory size change

/! Tatooes, wrinkles and all face details (like scars in expansion packs) are linked to face shape. I will check to edit them in future versions.

/! Limit your name to ASCII characters ( no accents, special symbols, ... ) to assume 100% compatibility, specially with Python versions older than 2.5

/! Limit the inventory max size to +/- 10000 ( theorically you can go to 16 billions, but I am not sure that the game can handle this )

/! For few savegames, the name cannot be changed (limitation of the "find" method used). Change the name in another savegame.

Character browser:
If you put the script of the tool in My Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age/Characters, the list of characters and saves you have is shown. If not, you have to set it up with the a button.
In the browser:
- Select the character
- Then select a savegame
It is the same than manually choose a savegame

Face data values:
When you have selected a destination, you can manually edit face features:
- Select the feature you want to change
- Set the new value
- Select another value, ...

To edit other values, load the *.mor file in the Toolset, change values, and then use it as mor source.

Face resources:
You can get as first resource the file named "face.erf" in (C:/MyGames/Dragon Age)/packages/core/data/ in order to start the tool with the list of the premade game faces.

Tool will backup once the modified savegames, (renamed from "mysavegame.das" to "mysavegame.das.bak") so in case of troubles, restore the backup.

More changes can be made by editing the script in a text editor, but beware of what you do !

You need Python to run the script ( grab it on www.python.org ).
Will work on 2.4 and more Python version ( tested on 2.6, may have troubles with 3.0 version )

It is not possible to import *.chr (Character Creator) or *.mrh (unprocessed morph file) files into savegame ( *.chr and mrh are processed to be transformed in the packed *.mor files ). Only MOR format is embedded in savegames.

Toolset face exchange method:
The tool is intended to simplify the face exchange process. However, the toolset exchange method may be another way to achieve exchange, but it will easily fails with big savegames.

- Open the old save file in the toolset editor, and navigate to: SAVEGAME_PLAYERCHAR/SAVEGAME_PLAYERCHAR_CHAR/SAVEGAME_PLAYER_MORPH
- Make sure you go to that exact field; there is a similarly named one that you don't want. It should say it is a BINARY field under the type.
- Right click on that row and choose "Copy".
- Now open the new save file in the toolset editor and navigate to the same place. Right click that row and choose "Paste Value"."

( Thanks to XunAmarox for this explain, a little more clear than my former one )

See licence information in the script code.

Old News:
Feb. 27 2011 : 2.10 is released in beta version. Use the same UI than 2.0x, but destination file can be more edited (colors). I am thinking of redo the editing method for faces and wanting for help to associate colours to more readable things than "Face: Tint mask colour #1"
Jan. 21 2011 : 2.08 fixes some remaining bugs and clarify features use. And now edited savegame is in another slot rather than in the original slot.
Dec. 30 2010 : 2.07 fix many junk name problems by checking name length. Thanks to setiweb, Quicksave is now autoselected and Tint 11 is now Eyebrows tint
Dec. 23 2010 : 2.06 fixes a problem in 2.05 when trying to overwrite some savegames, and also is now sure to get the last face modified in the files, not the first.
Dec. 21 2010 : 2.05 fixes some troubles in 2.04 and clean the log. I've also cleaned up the files, so only final versions will be shown on Nexus. To get other versions, PM to me.
Dec. 17 2010 : 2.04 allow to see source face features values and character name
Dec. 17 2010 : 2.03 fixes some other problems reported
Dec. 13 2010 : 2.02 correct some messing up in 2.01 feature exchange and show clearer file data.
Dec. 12 2010 : 2.01 fixes some nasty bugs of 2.00 with character and resource autocheck.
Dec. 09 2010 : Version 2.00 beta1 fixes the horrible 1.30 edition handling. No further version are planned at this time, because more in-deep edition of MOR files need a proper rewriting of data in MOR or DAS files, not the simple tweaks used at this time. The tool has reached its "adult" stage...
Oct. 29 2010 : Changing values into face data is now possible in 1.30 ( like hair, beard, ... ), but still a beta testing and horrible to handle
Sept. 23 2010 : Now handle characters and saves. Updated UI. Some minor fixes.
Sept. 17 2010 : Fix 1.10 problem when trying to launch DAFR with bad paths and fix weird name problems
Jun. 10 2010 : 1.1 now remembers the paths of the last source and destination files and fixes problems with non ascii names and paths
May 6 2010 : 1.04 fixes 1.03 problem with inventory size offset in some savegames
May 4 2010 : 1.03 fixes 1.02 exchange errors.
May 1 2010 : 1.02 fixes some bugs, and add little upgrades to user interface and add a inventory size tweaking ( also suggested by XunAmarox )
Apr. 29 2010 : 1.01 includes an additionnal function suggested by XunAmarox: changing the name of the character
Apr. 28 2010 : 1.00 final version bring an ERF browser to handle also faces from game resources ( NPC faces )
Apr. 25 2010 : A quick update to 0.21 to add new functions
Apr. 25 2010 : New 0.20 version will give full ability to exchange faces ( even between races and gender, but weird things appends ! )
Jan. 15 2010 : I've updated the script (0.11), now things are more clear, I hope