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DASaveReader is a Python utility that will read your Dragon Age: Origins save file and print out your choice for easy import into Keep so your world state can be used in Inquisition.

Permissions and credits
BioWare has not released a tool to export your DAO save file an import it into Inquisition. If you want to transfer your world state, you have to read over your quest logs and put your decisions into Dragon Age Keep. DASaveReader is a tool that will read your Origins save file and print out your decisions so they can easily be entered into Keep. This projects supports all quests in Origins and in the DLCs.

THIS PROJECT IS IN BETA. There are likely bugs.

Windows Users:
  1. Download DASaveReaderGui
  2. Extract The File
  3. Double Click On da_reader_gui.exe
  4. Go To 'File' -> 'Open'
  5. Choose Your Save File
  6. Read your world state and input it into Keep

OSX and Linux Users:
  1. Make sure that you have Python installed
  2. Download the DASaveReader ZIP file and extract it
  3. Open a terminal window
  4. Go into the extracted directory
  5. Enter the following: python da_reader.py path/to/my/save/file.das
  6. If you have wxPython installed, you can run: python da_reader_gui.py
  7. Read your world state and input it into Keep

Will you support Dragon Age 2?
  I am not currently planning on supporting Dragon Age 2 due to differences in the PLOT files.

Do I still have to use the Keep interface?
  Yes, all DASaveReader does is show your Origins world state. You still need to go into Keep and input the decisions by hand.