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Tiny fixes for a few bugs.

Permissions and credits
Please check out Qwinn's Ultimate DAO Fixpack if you are looking for a bigger and better bugfixing mod. It attempts to address every dialogue, quest, scripting, plot, and item bug in the base game (including the bugs fixed by this mod). 

If you decide to install Qwinn's Ultimate DAO Fixpack, please uninstall Tiny Fixes (or at least uninstall the "Statue of Ghilan'nain Fix" from Tiny Fixes, as it will break the more extensive statue fix from Qwinn's mod.)

Tiny Fixes

This mods unobtrusively fixes a few tiny bugs that aren't included in other mods or fix packs. This mod does not affect vanilla gameplay or mechanics in any significant way.


Install with NMM, or manually install by unzipping the folder and dropping it into ".../My Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age/packages/core/override".

List of Fixes

Lord Darvianak Vollney

Bug: The in-game family name of this character is shown as "Volney" instead of "Vollney". However, when the Proving Master or Varick refer to him, his name is correctly written as Vollney.
Fix: I've changed his name to be spelled correctly, as Lord Darvianak Vollney, to be consistent with dialogue and the rest of his House.
File Altered: "orz260cr_darvianak.utc"

Statue of Ghilan'nain

Bug: After clicking on the statue and obtaining the codex entry, it remains interactable for the rest of the game. This is an unintended behavior caused by a statement left out of the script. All of the other statues in the Dalish camp become non-interactable after obtaining their codices.
Fix: I've fixed the script to make the statue non-interactable after the Codex entry is obtained. It will no longer be highlighted when mousing over it, and will behave as the other statues in the Dalish camp.
File Altered: "ntb100ip_statue2.ncs"

Botanist's Map of Thedas

: This item cannot be acquired via normal means in the game.
Fix: I've added the item to an appropriate location. (Location listed in the readme to avoid spoilers.)
File Altered: None. Adds new files.

Jowan's Doppelgänger (Only included in "Tiny Fixes - Full Version")

Bug: At a certain point in the game, there is a minor NPC that erroneously uses the same face as Jowan. (Details in readme to avoid spoilers.)
Fix: I've assigned the minor NPC a unique face.
File Altered: "ran250cr_jowan_refugee_c.utc"

(This particular fix was inspired by Jowan and another different Jowan fix by theskymoves, which was gone from the Nexus for a while. It's back on the Nexus now! So if you're using that mod, please use the "Tiny Fixes - No Jowan Version" of this mod, or simply delete the "Jowan's Twin" folder if you already have the full version of Tiny Fixes installed.)


These fixes should be compatible with all other mods, including mods that add items to merchants or make changes to game areas (e.g. Improved Atmosphere). If you find a conflict, let me know.


The original files and the Toolset used to create these fixes belong to Bioware. Please do not upload this mod elsewhere without my permission.