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  1. Eneros
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    This mod is included in the Qwinn's Ultimate DAO Fixpack.
    This mod is far more complete and is accessible here : https://www.nexusmods.com/dragonage/mods/4689?tab=description
    1. alpe16
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      The bug fixes are included in Qwinn's Fixpack but not the tweaks.
    2. deleted36041260
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      Hello I saw your comment in the MRP mod on which files to delete. Can you also tell which files to delete in this mod so it's only the tweaks? Thanks in advance!
    3. alpe16
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      Hi, jl2018!

      Sorry, I didn't see your comment before. It is important to clarify that if you use this mod with Qwinn's FixPack, you will lose the changes made by the FixPack to Zevran and Leliana.

      Download the dt93a_manual version of the mod, unzip the file, and remove bhm100_jowan.dlb and bhm100_jowan.dlg from Dialogue Tweaks. Then install it manually or use DAO Mod Manager. I have been using this tool to install mods since it came out with good results, which is why I recommend it. There are many people who have problems with mods for DAO when they use Vortex to install them and I will not be able to help you solve them in case you run into problems.

      I hope this helps you and if you have any doubts do let me know.
  2. Weazzywolf
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    Do I need to be running the main file for the blood mage optional file to work? Or does it need to be installed before I start the Circle? I installed the optional file into the override folder on its own and loaded to a save right before Uldred battle. I used blood magic in the fight but Wynne's BM dialogue didn't trigger. 
  3. ginosalieri
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    Good luck and thank you.
  4. brescovite
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    I'm Brazilian and I would like to know how to translate the mod, I used the gff editor, I looked for the lines of dialogue in the .dlg file and I used google translator myself, I saved the file, but still the subtitles continue in English. Someone could help me if what I did was right and because it is still in English. If I translate the right thing or not. Or if that's not how it translates. Thank you.
  5. Noahhunt1243
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    Missing dialog for Jowan after he finds out i told irving his stupid plan
  6. Zuza1903
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    I'm afraid there is a bug in the manual version when you meet Zevran. While interrogating him you have normal text but audio is him telling you about Taliesin and Rinna.

    edit:Sorry, my fault, I figured it out
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      yeh ,nice ,how about letting other users know what it is you figured out .
  7. Dracovox
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    Shame this is abandoned, it coulda had potential if it was completed
  8. Kyuubinoneko
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    Ok, so this is dead..like.. really dead. BUT If anyone reads this. I'm having a big issue after installing this. Zevran dialogue at love breaks and is stuck at "You wish to talk? That's good. I have a question for you" and then dialogue exits abruptly, and that's all it does, this persists even after uninstalling. I used DAO-Modmanager to install it, after I tried manual install to see if it would fix it but no luck. I'm stuck.
    1. shades01
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      Don't know what to suggest except using zdf dialogue tweaks...
  9. Pushkin17
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    Thank you author, any bug fixes are most certainly super appreciated especially the ones that have to do with such critical part of DA:O as dialogues.

    Thanks for your effort, you've done a really good job!
  10. Naramana
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    No matter how many of these I try- Morrigan still refers to Alistair as the future king of ferelden when he's not.