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  1. Psycho0Cat
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    I can't get this mod to download onto my game it just doesn't show up on any mod installer I have, I require assistance.
    1. viry2
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      use DAUpdater.exe in your game's bin_ship folder, select the file and press install dazip, that should do it
    2. NialR35
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      Thank you kind sir!
  2. Chupacabra31
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    So what mod should i download exactly if i want this to work in both DAO and Awakening campaigns? The description from author of this mod contradicts with info, that you can find in downloadable content tab of in-game menu! I ended up installing BOTH 1.6 (DAO ONLY or so as the author says...) and 1.5 version for Awekening only, since author tells me for this mod to work in both campaigns i have to install them both?! Am i getting something wrong? Then why does in-game downloadable content menu gives me the same content description for both versions, when i click on them? This is confusing! Can someone tell which version i should get to use it in both DAo and Awekening??
    1. sezso
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      I know it's been a while since you asked this question but I thought I would answer if anybody else is looking for it. I installed both and they worked fine for both Origins and Awakening. I'm unsure if I actually need both, but I had 0 problems with both installed for the whole thing on multiple playthrus.
  3. gaylesbean
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    Been using this mod for my entire playthrough and I love it! However I did run into a slight glitch. Up until recently I had just been leaving all of my helmets as hidden, but on my most recent quest I decided to show helmets for my party for immersion purposes. When I went to hide the helmets again, it worked for the first companion but after that the No Helmet Rulebook just stopped working completely. When I try to use it from my inventory it has no effect, and when I try to equip it to my quickbar it shows that I have x0 of the rulebook. Anyone else run into the same issue?
  4. RS13
    • member
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    Just a heads up to everyone on a bug (or semi-bugfix if you prefer) that I found. (Specifically @GeneralUsana and @dmxdex2020, since this may be the cause of your problems.)

    There's a vanilla exploit you can use to equip helmets (or other items) that you nearly--but don't quite--meet the requirements for. Suppose I want Leliana (it could be anyone) to wear a helmet (it could be any item) with an 18 strength requirement (e.g. The Thane Helmet), but she's only at 17 strength. If I equip a strength boosting item (e.g. the pearl of the Anointed) I can then equip the helmet. So far, all this remains unchanged by the No Helmet Hack.

    In the vanilla game, after I've equipped Leliana with the helmet, I can unequip the attribute boosting item. I CANNOT do this with the no helmet hack. The helmet will be returned to my inventory and I will then get a message informing me that the No Helmet Hack has failed to hide helmets and that the likely culprit is a mod incompatibility.

    This only happens with helmets and only if you've chosen to hide them. if I opt to show helmets on Leliana I can use the exploit. But I can't turn hide helmet on without the helmet getting removed.

    At least, this happens on my system. Now I'm running a lot of mods and I don't know enough about how this mod works to say for sure, but I'm pretty sure that this isn't due to a mod conflict at all. I think that's just written that way.

    Obviously, this is a small thing, but I thought I'd give everyone a heads up.
    1. PinkroseKLK
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      I'm so glad I found your post! I was thinking something was wrong all of the sudden when I equipped Alistair with Cailan's Helm and I got the error message. Hes at 34 strength right now and I gave him items to boost his strength to 38. I didn't know it was an exploit and just noticed the boosted stats and had a theory to see if it would work.
  5. AnttuLanttu
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    For anyone having the helmet bug where it automaticly goes back to your inventory

    For me atleast it wasn't this mod that caused the bug. It was another mod conflicting

    If you have "Dragon Age Rules Fixpack" it will cause this bug, i recommend uninstalling that one, if it bothers you.
    1. 1987Hitman
      • supporter
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      Thanks for the info i had that problem and deleted that (fix) from dragon age rule pack.
      for the other people who looking for the same solution you can if you dont want delete the whole package just open open the location in vortex and you can delete the fix no helmet and keep the rest.
      mind you that dragon age will nag you about missing files.

      i hope this helps.
    2. Maxx213
      • member
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      This may be abit late but im using the "Just another fixpatch" mod and within that mod there is a file named bitm_base.gda that is the one causing the incompatibility issues with this "No helmet hack" mod, so if you are using "Dragon age Rules Fixpack" and there is a "bitm" named file there just delete that.
  6. ginosalieri
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    Good luck and thank you.
  7. Nanodoc360
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    Looking for a compatability patch for Jburrows runes and equipment :


    if anyone knows how to do this it would be appreciated.
  8. Nadroj3113
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    Simply doesn't download the right file type when i click download
    1. ImmotalBen
      • member
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      Did you ever get it figured out?

      For me, I couldn't drag the .rar file directly from the downloads drop-down. I opened the containing folder and was able to drag and drop no problem like that.
  9. Airisuviolet
    • member
    • 50 posts
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    Hello, I keep getting the error message but the helmets are still being hidden and the mod works fine? What should I do to get rid of that annoying message every time i open my inventory?
  10. Arnuxs
    • member
    • 151 posts
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    I wish there was a female only version. I like having helmets on males...

    Edit: Nvm you can do it in this mod