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Dahlialynn's Alistair Epilogues - The Royal Wedding scene

Permissions and credits
Update: 3.11.13
New! Optional Red-Gold Royal Armor for Alistair uploaded in
the files tab. Image shown in the images tab.
****DahliaLynn's Alistair Epilogues - The Royal Wedding 1.1****

Please see readme!

This scene will trigger for the Human Noble Female Warden upon exiting the
Landsmeet Chamber at the end of the game, provided:

1. You are Human Female and are of Noble Origin
2. You are at Love approval status with Alistair
3. You have selected the "Rule beside him" option during the Landsmeet.
4. You both have survived the Archdemon.

What to expect:

Upon leaving the Landsmeet Chamber at the end of the game, there will be a
load screen followed by a black loading screen. The time for load can be from
12 seconds to around 40 depending on your system. If loading time is considerably
longer than that, your system may not play the scene as intended.
(see "Performance Issues" section)

When the scene completes you will see the Epilogue Slides as usual.

Wedding Dresses:

* FFZero and Lanfaero01 have provided me with Dresses for use with this
scene and is a separate downloadable package.
* Some of these are still works in progress so keep an eye out for updates!
* The mod itself includes the the "Noble Creme" version as the default wedding dress.

Scene Performance:

You may experience a lag in 3 areas where you see the crowd.

* The opening shot
* From behind the Altar
* The final crowd shot

This is normal and expected.

Please see the section on performance issues below.


* In some cases, running the optional cutscene performance test will leave 4 files in your override which are supposed to be deleted upon completion of the test. If you find the following four files created on the same date, please remove them. The first two files will cause issues with anything related to the Landsmeet chamber.

1. den600ar_landsmeet_chamber.are
2. den600ar_landsmeet_chamber.lst
3. wedding_test.cub
4. wedding_test.cut

* If you happen to have an old version Epilogue NPC Changes mod by Cmessaz,
it contains an old test wedding version inside (by accident) and it will OVERRIDE
the actual scene. Please delete any file with the name
hnf_wedding.cut and hnf_wedding.cub
if these are found anywhere in your override folders.

* If you are using "Anyone can Marry Alistair", or any other lore altering mods,
the scene will still fire provided you are Female Human Noble from the beginning
of the game.
There are several reasons for this:
- Fergus leads his sister to the altar.
- I plan to create lore friendly endings for all Origins.
- Other Origins and body types will cause problematic visual issues.

* If you save the game at the end-game Landsmeet Chamber with this mod installed,
and you have uninstalled it, to complete the game with this savegame
you may click on the *left* guard. The right one will not appear.

*Anything that modifies the epilogue characters should be checked when troubleshooting

*Improved Atmosphere has been shown to cause cosmetic issues when using modifications that affect the Epilogue characters.

* No known conflicts.

* User-reported potential conflicts:

Re: Viva la Orlais mod and the Wedding Dress : Feb 2, 2023: igalau Commented the following regarding wedding dress issues and the "Viva la Orlais" mod:
If you have the Viva la Orlais mod installed, in order to use the Viva la Couslands of Ferelden mod,
there is a wedding file there that was the source of my problems. I ended up deleting all the files within the Viva la
Orlais>Orlesion Outfits>Wedding>Female and copy and pasting in the
files from the wedding dress folder I wanted from this mod and it then ran

Performance Issues:
**2018 update: As technology has improved since 2010, the following test most likely isn't necessary. :)**

I have done everything within my power to make this a premium experience,
but as a result, there is a slight chance that some users may experience difficulties.
This scene may not play well on certain systems. (excessive lag)

While I am not sure of the exact cause, in order to help ease any
possible frustration, I am providing you with a Test Cutscene program.

Before installing the mod, please unrar the "Cutscene Performance Test" file
included in the package to see if your system is compatible.
You will be provided with a youtube link for performance comparison
after viewing the test scene. If your performance is similar to what appears there,
the scene will work as intended. If it is anything less I cannot guarantee your experience
will be the best it can be.

Please accept my apologies if this indeed happens to be the case.
I have a relatively old computer and it runs very well for me, so I hadn't
thought this would even be an issue.


Use Modmanager to uninstall any previous version.

Install the new Dazip file with DA Updater

How to use DAupdater:
- Daupdater.exe is located in your

Dragon Age installation folder, Dragon Agebin_ship directory.

- Click on "Select DAZips"
- Choose the directory where you downloaded the mod
- Select the new version, Click "open"
- Then Select the mod in the field (colored blue)
- Click on "Install Selected"


Use mod manager to uninstall.

Dress Selection:

You may download the "Wedding dress collection" separately located in
the same download site.


I am immensely grateful to all those who assisted me in production.
Without their input, the quality level of this mod could not have been possible:



* Scene design concept
* Overall game integration concept
* Scene production:
* Music Editing & Mixing
* Cameras and Cinematography
* Character Staging
* Additional Dynamic Lighting
* Visual effects
* Animation manipulation
* Props
* Online Editing


All Scripting elements:

* Plot checks
* Restricting Scene trigger to Human Noble Female only.
* Equipping the player and other attendees with appropriate clothing
* Manipulate the load screen
* Making sure dead/cast off attendees would not show up to the wedding.
* Allowing for area change post Landmeet Chamber
* Assuring this mod does not touch vanilla game resources
* Seamless integration with the game
* Created the "Test Cutscene Program" provided with this mod.
* Providing me with an incredible amount of knowledge with regards to game mechanics
* Testing and support
* Absolutely countless other things he was able to do to make this a quality performance mod.

I am deeply grateful for your comprehensive approach, detailed attention and timeliness.
Your involvement has been priceless.

FFzero and Lanfaer03

* Creating and providing beautiful custom made Wedding Dresses to be included with this mod.

Lady Damodred

* Providing the perfect textual description for this mod found within the game interface.
* Insight on historical references as well as storyline consistency.


You were there for me for just about anything I needed, whenever I needed! Thank you!

My QA team:

Lady Damodred

Thank you to all members of this team for your incredible efforts.
I am extremely grateful for your devoted help towards making this mod a Quality scene!


* Literally walking me through Plots, Dialogue editing and manipulation,
and helping me overall with the initial integration phase.

Theo (DLANS Mate)

* Writing the initial scripts for scene integration


* Working on Finding that script to allow me to Equip Player! (an exciting moment)
* Providing timely replies to my questions on certain unknowns in the cutscene editor.


* Providing valuable insight on historical references.

The "Alistair Mod" group

* Storyline continuity
* Information on possible attendees
* Input and thoughts with regards to the initial design phase.

Bioware Social Network Toolset Forum

Thank you for all your answers and support!

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