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  1. narancasta
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    Thank you for this wonderful mod. Absolutely essential once you get more than a few weapon and armor mods. No more digging through readmes to get my desired item.

    Word of caution for Winter Forge users, the two mods do not play nice and you need to temporarily remove Winter Forge folders from Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\AddIns (phae_mainmodule and other phae_) while running the scannning so that Winter Forge items are not scanned.
  2. tom2112
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    How do you use the RUNSCRIPT GET command with a quantity? I've tried RUNSCRIPT GET RUNE 10 and RUNSCRIPT GET 10 RUNE, but neither works... What's the correct syntax?
    1. balmz
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      http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Console_(Origins) read this
    2. Elflady182
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      Did you ever figure this out? Because no matter what I do, it never gives me a stack unless it defaults to a stack.
    3. systoney
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      which part
    4. FoxDotDie
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      4 years later and i come to the rescue, You have to replace get.ncs and getx.ncs inside the siramods_items with the files from GET AND GETX 1_1 WITH QUANTITIES after that just type in something you want, for example if you want a bunch of sapphires, just type in "runscript get sapphire" and it will give you 10 sapphires. You can't get more than that though from what i can see but it's better than nothing.
  3. Raithwall5981
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    Can this mod scan my saves for items?.Here is example of stuff I made with item transfer mod. By turning Cailens armors into runes and adding them to star metal long sword I then reimprint them and Cailens armors become tier 8 starmetal with anything on runes..The name changed, but save and reload and Cailens armors will get their original names back and the set bonus still works..Gloves: 10 crit, 15 crit damage, 25 fire resist..Chest: 2 armor, 6 defense, 30 health.(imprinted from dwarves smith belt and blood dragon chest.).Boots: 10 spell resist, 20 dodge, 50 stamina. (Imprinted warden boots).Helmet: 10 all resistances. Imprinted from 2 runes of Embri's belt..My Morrigan wears an Amulet of war mage with +20 damage to all elements..You can even imprint the butterfly sword to Shale and Dog items to make them glow. .If you imprint element damage to armor you will enchant the armor do that the dog us always on fire.
  4. Raithwall5981
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    I use the item transfer mod to imprint items onto other items or runes. The runes do not stay altered but you can use them to make items with any stats you want. The process is similar to the blacksmithing in legend of Mana game. I also play on nightmare with ravage mod so there are more enemies and they are stronger with better abilities. What I need is a way to add my custom items to other saves. Some items take a long time to make if you are particular. Base items like +3 defense are better then items with more bonus to more then one field. So with the +3 defense you could make +6, +9, +12, etc using item transfer. You cannot remove any fields so if it also has the useless reduces hostility you are stuck with it.Therefore it can be tricky to make stat boosting items that are not ugly looking. The good news is you can now wear whatever armor and weapons look good. Combine with universal dye kit to color them.What I want to know is: does this mod scan my saved for custom made items? I use ultimate edition and do not know how to use the console commands. I don't care to learn either unless I can copy my items to other saves.Item transfer is better then this mod and can even turn clothing and noble clothes and chantry robe into powerhouse items.
  5. evilcouchpotato
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    Awesome tool, thanks!
  6. pariapapachango
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    Very useful mod, but is there a way to get rid of the vases? Also, getx command is spawning non-interactable vases by searching mod items I know are correctly installed. Also did a scan, but i'm still getting non-interactable vases.
  7. Carbon64
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    This is without a doubt MY FAVORITE MOD!!!  Been sitting here for 2 days back and forth tweaking and by pure luck found this mod. It works for me for everything I need it too. Thanks  "Sir A" for the great Work!
  8. ZIhabou
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    That's some bad-ass mod over here. 

    Great job.
  9. wintersbreath
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    Awesome mod! I have a problem with the vase not disappearing. Can anyone help? Uninstalling the Winter Forge didn't help. I already removed the files in Addins
    1. SerdnaOdraude
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      That vase has been a lot of headache that I have never been able to delete it even with the toolset when editing the saved game and deleting it from the file is deleted...
  10. Lear19
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    Impressive mod, but the fact that 'get' command doesn't include DLC items is a huge flaw.
    1. RevanFanMan
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    2. fraquar
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      Not a flaw at all (let alone huge), DLC content is encrypted - can't scan .ERF's for item content if they are encrypted.......
      Think about it, this mod was created a few weeks after the last DLC (Witch Hunt) was released, and BEFORE the Ultimate Edition was even a thing......

      Want DLC content?Open .GDA file and add it manually, follow his instructions (i.e. use GDApp) to manually adding items at the end of his description.