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A Full Set of Weapons and Armors for Female Rogues. This Project was inspired by the Fiery Phoenix of the Far East, the Matriarch of birds and couterpart to the Dragon.

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  • Spanish
The Phoenix Armory

*Please read the instructions and view the attached images carefully before using this mod*
PlEASE, PLEASE, ok I beg of you! READ the TROUBLESHOOTING SECTION first if you run into problems... Or you have questions about Emi.

A Full Set of Weapons and Armors for Female Rogues. This Project was inspired by the Fiery Phoenix of the Far East, the Matriarch of birds and counterpart to the Dragon.

What This kit contains:
  • Twin Phoenix Claw Daggers and their superior versions.
  • Phoenix Eye Bow and its superior version.
  • Phoenix Arrows
  • Phoenix-Recruit Armor
  • Phoenix-Scout Armor
  • Phoenix-Battlemaiden Armor
  • Phoenix-Matriarch Armor
  • Custom Weapons and Armor meshes (incorporated slightly modified version of my Slender Light Armor Form mod, and modified version of the Heavy Armor set)
  • Works with female elves, humans, and dwarves
  • Includes all LOD (level of detail) models and textures

*Any of these armors (other than the recruit) can be used throughout the entire game. ex: While the Matriarch Armor has greater defense and stats than the Scout and Battlemaiden armors, your attack speed also suffers especially with the bow.

  • Extract the rar
  • install the dazip with either the DAUpdater or the DAModmanager

You must remove any previous versions before installing newer versions of this mod (with DAOModmanager and remove the tintpack from your override folder). If you saved a game with the previous version, just uninstall the mod, resave the game and install the newer version)

UDK patch Installation:
  • copy "XT_PhoenixArmory_UDK_Patch" folder to Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override

  • The Phoenix-Recruit armor set is sold by the Quartermaster at Ostagar King's Camp during the day. Check his "other goods."
  • The Daggers and the Bow are in the Mage's Chest at night, after the joining ritual and right before the Ostagar battle.
  • The entire Phoenix set excluding the Recruit Armor is available at Bodahn's store at the party camp and Yuria at Vigil's Keep

UDK Patch *Requires The Universal Dye Kit*

*DO NOT install this patch if you don't have Nezroy's Universal Dye Kit as this will mess up the mod's material tint overrides*

Changes to the Phoenix Armory after installing the UDK Patch:
  • All items will change to their hideous default material tints
  • The Default Phoenix Quiver (when equiping the bow without arrows) looses its default red color and can't be dyed, but the Phoenix Arrows are fully tintable.

    Using the Phoenix Tint Pack:
  • You do not need the whole tint pack for it to work, just pick out a tint that you like and change the # on (t3_nez_us#.tnt) to any slot from 1-8 that is free.
  • *The tint pack is located in your Override folder (XT_PhoenixArmory_UDK_Patch\XT_PH_Tints A\)

    *refer to PhoenixArmory_Tint_list.doc for dye list and links*

Customizing the Phoenix Armory with The Winter Forge

How to Transfer Item properties from one item to another:
Say you like the look of the scout armor more than the battlemaiden set but you want the superior stats from that set.

CAREFUL! By transferring item properties to the Phoenix armors you will also loose the No Strength Requirement, Female Restriction property and the set bonus. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about that since it is a WinterForge function.

How to Scale Item Property Stats:
If you feel that the item stats are too powerful or too weak for you...

This is currently the only way to add item properties to the Phoenix armors without loosing the no strength requirement and female restriction properties.

Console Cheats:

  • runscript add_ph_weapons
    Matriarch Weapons:
  • runscript add_ph_weapons_matriarch
  • runscript add_ph_arrows
    Scout Armor:
  • runscript add_ph_scout
    Battlemaiden Armor:
  • runscript add_ph_battlemaiden
    Matriarch Armor:
  • runscript add_ph_matriarch

    *These commands are also viewable in the item descriptions(eye icon) in-game*

  • The Phoenix Armory does not overwrite any existing DA files, so it should be compatible with other mods, I hope.
  • The items also come with their own custom meshes so what you see in the images is what you'll get in the game.

Uninstalling the UDK patch:
  • Remove the folder (XT_PhoenixArmory_UDK_Patch) from your Override

*This will revert the equipment back to their default Phoenix colors*

Removing the mod:
  • Use DAModmanager to uninstall

Essential mods:

Universal Dye Kit

The Winter Forge

Other Mods by me:

Slender Light Armor Form and Dalish Ceremonial Armor for Females
  • Slenderer Light Armor Form. This mod also allows you to mix match other light armor parts with the Phoenix Scout and Battlemaiden armors. The Phonenix scout and Battlemaiden use a slightly modified version of this mesh.

Slender Heavy Armor Form for Human Females

Other Mods Shown in the Images:

Troubleshooting/Frequently Asked Questions

    The Quartermaster doesn't carry the Recruit set
  • Check his "Other Goods"

    Armory does not appear in Bodahn innventory the first time you are at camp after the dream sequence
  • They will only show up in the normal camp. Just exist and re-enter camp to get the items to show up.

    Persistent flame on armor.
  • download any version after v1_0b should solve the problem. Make sure you completely remove any previous versions prior to install (with DAOModmanager and remove the Phoenix Tint pack from the Override folder). If you've saved a game with pre v1_0b: remove the mod, re-save the game, and install the newer version, either buy your items again or use the console commands to get them back for free.

    some parts of the armor look pale and seem to have lost their normal and specular maps; LODs not working properly.
  • Reloading the save should fix the problem. If not, reload the game.

    Hands or legs appear displaced from the body when mix-matching Phoenix armory with other armor parts.
  • This is completely normal. The Phoenix Armory uses slenderer forms of DA armors with some other modifications. (slenderer body, narrower shoulders, smaller hands, straighter legs, etc)

    Textures not showing up when you have Texture Detail set to Medium or Low in your Video Options. (Pre v1_0d only)
    here's how to get it to work:
  • go to your (Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\AddIns\XT_Phoenix_Armory\core\textures folder).
  • you should see a folder called high
  • make a folder called medium
  • copy the file XT_PhoenixArmory_Tex.erf from the high to the medium folder.

    Do the following steps only if you have the UDK Patch installed:
  • go to your (Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override\XT_PhoenixArmory_UDK_Patch) folder
  • copy XT_PhoenixArmory_UDK_Patch_v#.erf and paste it into (Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\AddIns\XT_Phoenix_Armory\core\textures)
    , for both high and medium folders.
  • you should have 2 files (the _Tex.erf and _UDK_Patch_##.erf) in both the high and medium folders.
  • Delete the *.erf file in(Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\packages\core\override\XT_PhoenixArmory_UDK_Patch). very important Otherwise all of the above steps are forfeit.

    Why did you choose to include custom meshes for the items?
  • Well the main reason why I included the custom meshes is because the default game armors are too bulky for my taste. I also wanted the weapons to look more realistic. The shape of the phoenix dagger is based on an actual dagger i own. The bow is a slenderer version of the Orlesian longbow and the quiver is inspired by the one used by Legolas in LoTR. Unlike the default bow and quiver they have also been tweaked so they don't clip into each other. The Scout and Battlemaiden armor use a slightly modified version of my Slender Light Armor Form mod, the Matriarch armor is a slenderer version of the heavy armor with some modifications. I have also redid some of the default uv maps to lessen stretching on some of the phoenix textures. ^_^

    Why are there Chinese/Japanese characters in the intro picture? and what do they mean?
  • The weapon/armor set is inspired by the Chinese Phoenix: a female bird that represents the Empress and royalty. The characters (read from top left to right) mean the Phoenix Armory, lol. Plus Asian calligraphy looks cool.

    Where did you get the player characters' face morphs shown in your images?
  • I made them in the Toolset. Emi the city elf, Reyna Cousland, and Millie the dwarf commoner are my main characters, you should see them starring for most of my images :p I actually modeled my elf's face after my friend Emi, she is half Japanese and half French. Emi is her Japanese name meaning "beautiful child" or "blessed beauty."

    If you like how Emi looks, Dave has made his version of her which came out awesome, get it and endorse him at:
    Beautiful Elf Female Presets by Dave
    Here is another take on of Emi, by Hafertaler.
    Hafertaler's Emi

Thanks to Eshme's ModelTools for making Importing and Exporting DA models to 3dsMax possible

by Xelte
[email protected]
July - September 2010