Dragon Age: Origins
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Adds new spells to the Mage class that can magically open locks.

Permissions and credits
Open Lock Spells
v1.4 by jwvanderbeck

Homepage: http://dragonagemodding.wordpress.com/category/mods

Adds new spells to the Mage class that can magically open locks.

With further study of raw Arcane magics, the Mage can learn to channel that power into defeating physical locks.

This AddIn provides the Mage class with three new Arcane spells. Arcane Unlock, Remove Lock, and Glyph of Remove Lock. This AddIn was not designed as a cheat to simply unlock locks. You can do that with the console. This AddIn is designed to be fairly balanced and simply provide alternatives for players to unlock locks using a Mage character. All three unlock spells apply a bonus based on the caster's Magic attribute.
Arcane Unlock will unlock easy and medium difficulty locks. Remove Lock will remove most any lock that isn't flagged as IMPOSSIBLE by the campaign. Glyph of Remove Lock has the same strength as Remove Lock but will unlock everything within 30 meters.

Installation using DAModder is highly recommended, since it allows for easy installation and uninstallation of the mod, as well as other advanced features.
DAModder: http://dragonagemodding.wordpress.com/damodder

1. Run DAModder and drag and drop the downloaded ZIP file onto the DAModder window.

If you do not wish to use DAModder, this mod can be installed with Bioware's DAUpdater program as follows:

1. Use DAUpdater.exe (located in your Dragon Age install directory, in the bin_ship subdirectory) and select the DAZip file.
2. Select the AddIn in the list and click install.
3. Once the progress says "Installed.", exit DAUpdater and run the game.

This mod can be uninstalled using DAModder.

1. Run DAModder and select the mod in the list of installed mods.
2. Click the Uninstall button.

Bioware's DAUpdater program is not able to uninstall mods. If you do not wish to use DAModder, then you can disable the mod as follows:

1. Run the game and on the main menu select "Downloadable Content", and then select the "Installed Content" tab.
2. Find the AddIn in the list and Un-check it to disable the AddIn.

This AddIn is completely self contained, and should work fine with both the base game and any other AddIns or Mods.

Known Issues or Bugs

* 1.4 XP is now granted for unlocking locks. XP granted is the same as what Rogues earn for unlocking.
* 1.4 Updated for game version 1.02, and rebuilt in Toolset v1.01
* 1.3 Added custom icons for module and spells
* 1.2 Packaging bug fixed
* 1.1 Removed debug code which was granting the spells automaticly. Oops!
* 1.0 Initial release.

You can find me as "jwvanderbeck" on DAMods & Dragon Age Nexus

My blog about Dragonm Age modding, called Beyond Ferelden, is at http://dragonagemodding.wordpress.com

Credit is always due to Bioware for making such awesome games, and giving us the tools to bring our imaginations to life inside them.

Please do not upload this mod to any websites without my permission. Contact me and i'll be glad to give you permission.
Use this mod at your own risk, I take no responsability for anything that results from its use.