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Provides the Human, Elf and Dwarf Female PC with a fully visible, full-contact repeatable kiss with Alistair throughout your adventures in Thedas. Includes Fort Drakon Last kiss scene improvement.

Permissions and credits
2.14.12 For updates on latest scenes and info, feel free to click "like" on my new facebook page :)
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**Alistair's Kiss** Ver 2.0 (WIP)-will try to improve scenes in time )

-Added Dwarf version (WIP)
-Improved Elf Version
-Included the Fort Drakon Last kiss improvement. (Human Female only)


Provides the Female Warden with a *fully visible* *full-contact*
repeatable kiss with Alistair throughout your adventures in Thedas

- It replaces the original kiss scene when you click on "Kiss him"
- Scenes For Human Elf and Dwarf Females
- Kisses initiated by Alistair will remain the original scenes.

* Will not work with any kiss altering mod that alters "Alistair_kiss_human", "Alistair_kiss_elf"and "Alistair_kiss_dwarf"
* Massive Armor will cause clipping, and may obstruct view. (sorry)
* Mild Romance scene and Improved Romance Scene (IRS) users up to version 2.14, will need to delete:


from the "Mild Romance" folder.

Delete previous version, extract file and drop into:
C:/...My Documents / BioWare / Dragon Age / packages / core / override

Remove the Alistairs_Kiss_Dahlia_2_0 /Fort Drakon Folder(s)

Steam version users:
See how to install mods using Steam here

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***Alistair's Last Kiss -Fort Drakon****

This short scene will replace the default kiss scene with Alistair when he
makes the ****Gulp**** sacrifice for the Human Female PC.
Unfortunately due to the high probability that your PC will be dressed
in Massive Armor at this stage of the game, I could not show a fully visible dramatic kiss.

-IRS Alistair users please note:

In order for this to work you need to delete My "New Fort Drakon Kiss"
Folder and replace with this one.
Otherwise, compatible with everything.
- Some clipping will occur with Massive Armor
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