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Added: 16/11/2009 - 09:04AM
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BioWare released Dragon Age: Origins recently, but many textures throughout the game are noticeably low-resolution. This texture package gives the game new, resized textures (Using fractal method, fake HDR and my own photoshop methods) and many textures are reworked. With JBtextures, the world of Dragon Age: Origins will look significantly more detailed!


- Need 75% less memory then version 2.1.
- Many textures rework for high detail.
- Faster loadings.
- No more black and corrupted textures.
- High textures resolution for: objects, armors, terrains, creatures.

Game engine is bad, have memory leak. Use only JB3 main file, and updates, don't use optional files if you have any problems with graphic in game, like glitches, black textures. Game work better on 64 bit systems.

I recommended use only ONE optional pack. Choose which one you want. With only ONE game will be ok, you can try with TWO but it can be problems in Denerim. With more then TWO will be problem with memory leak in all gameplay.

Before installing, know that JB3textures needs more RAM and VRAM from your computer than the game's default textures (Double the amount). Expect the game's loading times to increase (5 - 10 seconds more than usual).

Installation instructions:

Use only JB3 main file to get 100% compatibility whithout glitches and memory leak problems. Use optional files, and test what you'r pc can handle. With all optional files is 99% you will get memory leak!

Memory leak is game engine problem, this old bug, but BioWare never repair this.

1. Download the files.
2. Unpack the files using WinRAR / 7-Zip.
3. Once you unpack the files, you will get a folder called 'JB3'
4. Copy this folder to your game installation folder [default] C:\Documents and Settings\...\Bioware\Dragon Age Origins\Packages\Core\override.
5. Done. Any problems? Go ahead and ask!