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This restores several missing and fully voiced scenes to the game relating to Morrigan in addition to fixing innumerable issues with various parts of her dialogue not triggering correctly.

Permissions and credits

Update (30th July 2014):
I'm considering releasing one final update to MRP. This will be the last revision of MRP I ever release and all the source files will be released to the community upon completion.
I'm currently reviewing what needs to be done to make this happen and am asking for you guys to submit any Morrigan-related bugs that still exist as of MRP v1.1.0.

View the dedicated forum thread for more info

This mod restores several missing and fully voiced scenes to the game relating to Morrigan in addition to fixing innumerable issues with various parts of her dialogue not triggering correctly. These scenes were always intended to be in the final game but were likely cut due to scheduling issues. The mod also restores several new party banter dialogs involving Morrigan, Leliana & Alistair. Previews are available in the videos section if you don't mind spoilers.

The most prominent changes are showcased in the pdf included in the mod package. These are:

-Dark Ritual Kiss
-Morrigan's Angry Kiss
-Betraying Morrigan to the Templars
-Bringing Morrigan to Flemeth's Hut - enriched for v1.1.0
-Returning to camp after dealing with Flemeth

To take full advantage of the mod's features, you should load a save prior to beginning Morrigan's character quest. If you've accepted it but not yet visited Flemeth's hut that's fine too.

02/02/2011 - The update file "Additional_Epilogue_Fix_v3" fixes the following issues in the post coronation:
-Asking for the Circle's independence is now recognised and the correct plot flag is set.
-The warden becoming bann of the alienage is now recognised and the correct plot flag is set.
-Punishing the Howes is now recognised and the correct plot flag is set.
-Aid for Orzammar plot flag is now recognised the correct plot flag is set.

All fixes unlock small dialogue/slideshow changes from the post coronation sequence onwards. This fix is compatible with the localised patch.

*These fixes will be included as standard in the next MRP revision

26/01/2011 - Slidefixes_Bella_Kaitlyn added as an update - this addresses several issues relating to Bella & Kaitlyn's epilogue slides. Extract the contents of the package to your override directory. Slidefixes_Bella_Kaitlyn_Localised is for the localised version of the patch.
*These fixes will be included as standard in the next MRP revision

26/01/2011 - Added an optional campfire texture fix to address the highly annoying missing texture issue that affects many fires in the game.
14/02/2011 - Altered the specular map for the campfire texture to fix the blue tint issue in the coronation room.

Project Goals
The project aims to correct Morrigan's dialogue, both romance and non-romance paths to bring it as close as possible to what the writers originally intended.

There are several psuedo-bugs, oversights and omitted scenes in her dialogue files that this project aims to address. It is my hope that fans can enjoy experiencing the restored content.

It is not the project's intent to alter, deviate from the source or marr her character in any way. This means, there will be no "happy" endings added as an alternative to Morrigan leaving, the goal here is restoration and bugfixing.

Installation - DAZIP version
Use your favourite mod installation application - DAModder, DaModManager, daupdater, etc to install the DAZIP file. So long as no other mods are overriding any of the files listed in the "altered files" section below, everything should work fine.

Installation - Manual install
Unzip/Unrar the Morrigan_Restoration_Patch directory into your "My DocumentsBiowareDragon Agepackagescoreoverride" directory.

Check for any conflicting files that may be in use by other mods - a list of altered files is listed later in this document.

Witch Hunt Official DLC -
Morrigan Restoration Patch is 100% compatible with Witch Hunt. This has been verified by myself and others.

Zevran Dialog Fix -
As of v2 of ZDF, there are no conflicts. (Any files with identical names have the same content - there is some intentional crossover between our mods.) The Morrigan Restoration Patch also contains some additional script fixes that restore some extra love triangle banters regarding Morrigan, Leliana & the Warden. Long story short - they both work perfectly side by side, no need to mess around deleting files and whatnot.

Dialogue Tweaks -
This mod is fully compatible with Dialogue Tweaks, there is no conflict between the files we have edited in the base Dialogue Tweaks package.

The optional Dialogue Tweaks "blood mage" component (where Wynne accuses the player of being a blood mage) is not compatible as it affects Greagoir's dialog file. Since Wynne's blood mage confrontation has been reported to cause problems in the Landsmeet I have not restored it at this time. I may look into restoring this and fixing the reported problems in the landsmeet at a later date.

Polygamey -
Works perfectly with the Morrigan Restoration Patch. Install the optional Equal Love V2 patch if you want Morrigan to romance your female warden. You will however miss out on the newly restored "catfight" banters since Polygamey prevents jealousy and breakup conversations from occuring.

Improved Romance Scenes and Fixes - Alistair -
The last time I checked, MRP worked fine alongside IRS:A without requiring any manual editing

Alistair Dialog Patch -
Not currently compatible due to the numerous changes ADP makes to Morrigan's dialog files regarding Alistair being referred to as king. ejoslin's mod offers most of the fixes of ADP in addition to some new bugfixes and cmessaz's IRS Alistair mod also corrects many bugs relating to Alistair.

[size="2"]Complete change list
See the readme file as this list is getting too long.

[size="2"]List of altered files:
In order for this mod to operate correctly it is essential that MRP's changes take priority over any other mods. Check for file conflicts and resolve them before using the mod!

clipt_morrigan_ritual.ncs - shared file with ZDF
cutscene_postcoronation.dlg - shared file with ZDF
party_events.dlg - shared file with ZDF
party_ran_banter.dlg - shared file with ZDF

[size="2"]New files
zdf_mrp_shared.plo- shared file with ZDF
zdf_mrp_shared.ncs- shared file with ZDF
epipt_main_zdf.ncs- shared file with ZDF
plt_epipt_main_zdf.plo - shared file with ZDF
terra_epi_fix_pc_bann.ncs - shared file with ZDF

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: After dealing with Flemeth, Morrigan continuously engages me in dialogue whenever I return to camp. No new scene ever triggers!

A: You have a conflicting mod installed, most likely another mod is changing morrigan_main.dlg and thereby reinstating all the bugs I fix and preventing the new scene from triggering. The easiest way around this is to use the manual installation version of the mod and carefully check that you don't have any conflicting files in the override directory. If you want a problem free experience with this mod you have to make sure that MRP's changes take priority across ALL files that MRP alters.

Q: Flemeth's Grimoire is now a plot item! How do I give it to Morrigan?

A: You can give the grimoire to Morrigan via the new cutscene that was restored to the game. You can also choose to keep it for yourself or lie and say you didn't find it, which will cause the grimoire to revert back to a gift item so you can change your mind later. This sequence is dependant on no-conflicting files between MRP and other mods.

Terra_Ex - Well, that's me. From broken condition checks to non-finished scripts, 'twas I who fixed them up.

ejoslin - For her assistance throughout the project, helped in highlighting several deficencies with the various script & dialog files that ship with the game. Also for her work on the Zevran Dialog Fix mod, (portions of which pertaining to Morrigan are utilised in this mod, with permission) which aims to correct the numerous issues with Zevran's dialog. I highly recommend downloading her mod if you are looking for a more complete Zevran experience:

ZDF DA Nexus Page:

Charsen - For his invaluable knowledge, assistance across numerous areas of modding and agreeing to implement the missing kisses to the gate scene in Denerim.

Gatekisses DA Nexus Page:

blademaster - For his invaluable & ongoing assistance in tracking down all that was wrong with Morrigan.

Addai67 - For providing me with save files for testing purposes and noticing a problem with Flemeth's attire when you visit her hut after the prelude.

Typewriter of DANexus for highlighting an issue regarding Morrigan's Shapeshifting dialogues.

Cahir Mawr Dyffryn of DANexus for highlighting an issue regarding Morrigan's Shapeshifting dialogues being available indefinitely.

Space_Alex for highlighting several issues within the Dark Ritual scene and for a handy tip regarding PCRSCR GDA files.

Beerfish for his animation & vfx spreadsheets.

kromtar for testing the localised version of the mod.

Eshme for the 3DS Max import/export tools.

DevLog for finding a bug regarding the Golden Mirror conversation not branching correctly.

Everyone on the Morrigan Discussion and Research Thread on the Bioware Social Network for the insightful and thought provoking discussions we often have.

Mr Gaider, for creating the fantastic character that is Morrigan (and then torturing us with the ending... and then making *another* cliffhanger ending in Witch Hunt...)

Bioware, for making DA:O

Version History
v1.0.0 - initial public release

v1.0.1 - fixes several minor issues:
-the newly restored "You have returned from the Wilds..." dialog will no longer trigger if Morrigan's character quest is marked as closed - prevents this from automatically occuring in savegames where the quest is already complete, such as a postgame save.
-revised a check for Romance Active dialog branches, mistakenly left in the release version by mistake. This would lock you into a permanent romance with Morrigan, its now fixed.
-deleted a junk line that was added for testing purposes, this could possibly have interfered with Morrigan's first lines in game.
-reworded the description of the mod, which is visible in game/in DAModder, etc.

v1.0.2 - a few minor changes under the hood:
- added "Lie" prefix to certain conversation options in the "You return from the Wilds..." speech.
- Flemeth's key no longer auto-spawns in your inventory, you now get to loot it off the dragon's corpse.
- Lowered the persuasion check to medium when lying to Morrigan about Flemeth's death (I mistakenly left it as VERY_HIGH requirement)
- a nice, pretty icon of morrigan for the DAZIP install file

v1.0.3 - small tweaks to a few dialog conditions and miscellaneous cleanup. Nothing major changed.

v1.0.4 -
- Morrigan no longer defaults to Friendly response, "What comes my friend" in Arl Eamon's estate if she is romantically involved with the player.
- The response "What's that last bit" in the "Flaming Knives" dialog now has the correct condition check and will lead into a kiss.

v1.0.5 - fixing an oversight
- fixed the post-game reverting to friend status (AGAIN!)

V1.0.6 -
- fixed an issue where Morrigan would not teach shapeshifting to players who are friendly or above. Her refusal line was supposed to trigger when she is NOT WARM OR INTERESTED in the player. This is now fixed. (Thanks to Typewriter of DANexus for reminding me of this)
-the line "Can you teach others to become shapeshifters" will now disappear when Morrigan agrees to teach it, previously it was available indefinitely. (thanks to Cahir Mawr Dyffryn of DANexus for pointing this out)

V1.0.7 -
- fixed an issue during the ritual where Morrigan inappropriately uses the term "her beloved" regarding the Leliana romance. The flag check is now IN_LOVE, which catches the 91-100 approval range. Thanks to Space_Alex of DANexus for pointing this out.
- fixed an issue during the ritual where Morrigan inappropriately uses the term "his beloved" regarding the Zevran romance. The flag check is now IN_LOVE. which catches the 91-100 approval range. Thanks to Space_Alex of DANexus for pointing this out.
- fixed an aesthetic issue with Morrigan leaving the party in one of the restored scenes.
- By popular demand, the Morrigan Restoration Patch is now available as a manual installation.

v1.0.8 -
- fixed a bug where Flemeth would not disappear from the Wilds after agreeing to her deal if Morrigan leaves the party in the follow up scene. Flemeth should now disappear correctly.

v1.0.9 -
- A dwarf commoner can no longer tell Morrigan that they are of royal blood.

-Restored several new "fully voiced" party banters to the game. These relate to the love triangle between Morrigan, Leliana & the Warden and are some of the best in the game. These would never trigger in the standard game due to unfinished and non-functional coding.
-Restored a fully voiced party banter for Alistair/Morrigan. This occurs if a female warden breaks up with Alistair during the Landsmeet sequence.
-Fixed all dialog paths regarding dumping Morrigan for Leliana in the confrontation to ensure the correct flags are set - extensive changes.
-Fixed all dialog paths regarding dumping Leliana for Morrigan in the confrontation to ensure the correct flags are set - extensive changes.
-Morrigan's party banter which begins with Leliana saying it's nice to see her and the Warden in love can now branch in two separate directions if the player has dumped Leliana.

- Fixed some more issues regarding Leliana & Morrigan getting dumped.
- Restored two dialog branches & player responses for Morrigan regarding the Black Grimoire that would never trigger in the normal game.
- Restores several other party banters to the game for other companions, the same fixes found in ejoslin's mod, credits for these fixes go to her.

- Revises conditions for several party banters triggering.
- Leliana will no longer initiate the banter saying she's happy to see that Morrigan & the Warden are in love if she is romancing the Warden herself.
- Restores a line for Wynne regarding Connor.

- Greagoir apostate mage scene restored. You can now tell Greagoir that Morrigan is an apostate mage after dealing with Uldred. (Irving must either die or surrender to the templars to access this restored dialog branch.) This series of scenes had to be created pretty much from scratch so enjoy it :) Some camera choices may not work so well for dwarf characters, this will be addressed in the next version. If you have a dwarf character let me know how it looks.
- A small cutscene has been added into the restored scene when you return from the wilds after dealing with Flemeth, bringing the scene in line with other character quests.
- Cullen's sword no longer magically disappears upon returning to Greagoir, allowing him to participate in the new scene.
- Fixed a bug with one of Morrigan's scripts which only allowed the player to tell Morrigan they were involved with someone else if they were actively romancing both Zevran and Leliana. The check now behaves correctly.
- Fixed a bug in the vanilla game that allowed female wardens to perform the dark ritual with Morrigan themselves.
- Fixed a bug with dumping Leliana inside one of Morrigan's dialogs which would prevent a follow up scene with Leliana in camp from triggering. This has now been addressed.
- Fixed a bug with dumping Morrigan within her own dialog if the player dumps Leliana (within Morrigan's dialog) and is then immediately confronted over Zevran but chooses to go for Leliana (confusing, I know). The correct flags are now set and appropriate party banters will now be played based on the player's choices. Leliana now retains her romance active flag should the player take this course of action.
- Fixed an issue where one of the responses to Leliana following dumping her was not available. This should now be fixed.
- Revises some more party banter conditions to bring the party banter file in line with ejoslin's mod, also fixes the Morrigan & Sten infinite banter loop bug.

- Adjusted Morrigan's friendship dialog "Tis a curious thing" so that it can trigger outside of camp. There is a dialog branch within this conversation where Morrigan asks if the player thinks they could ever be more than just friends which can lead into a kiss that can only be attained if you instigate the conversation outside of camp - thus it is unattainable in the vanilla game. This has now been fixed.
- Fixes a response when breaking up with Morrigan so that players don't always get the IN_LOVE response if Morrigan is at the ADORE approval level. Also added the necessary IN_LOVE approval check to this line as it was missing from the vanilla game and repositioned the approval decrease so that IN_LOVE approval check can actually pass otherwise the approval decrease would cause the check to fail.
- Fixes an issue with Morrigan's Dark Ritual dialogue where she would refer to the player as "my love" if they were simply in a romance with her. Due to the fact it is incredibly simple to activate the romance this check is inappropriate. The player must now have her at "Love" approval to obtain this response.

- Enables level effects for the cutscene when first meeting Flemeth. This only applies if you're using Frame-Buffer effects, which are on by default. This prevents the jarring difference in lighting etc as the game switches from cutscene mode with no level effects to conversation mode with full level effects.
-Return from the wilds scene is now properly "staged", eliminating issues with improperly aligned actors if the cutscene begins immediately after another companion's scene and also allowing the player to retain their position nearby Morrigan (instead of warping back to near a different companion) after the scene has concluded.
- Small tweaks to the Greagoir apostate scene.
- Multiple language support. I've added a new optional component for non-english versions of Dragon Age which allows the Morrigan Restoration Patch to automatically localise to the language of the user. Users of the english game client should not install this component.

- Dark Ritual Kiss scene for romancing male wardens restored, as was originally intended Morrigan and the Warden can now share a kiss before the ritual commences. A completely new kiss variant was created for this scene. Only accessible to wardens with a "Love" approval rating with Morrigan.
- Morrigan's "angry kiss" when she attempts to break up with the player is now actually angry.
- Bringing Morrigan to Flemeth's hut enhanced into a full cinematic sequence.
- Restored a branch to the conversation relating to Morrigan refusing to share the Warden's tent. The response "It's too soon, I take it?" had an incorrect condition flag and could not be selected.
- Restored a branch to the Dark Ritual where Morrigan decides to leave, the response "I need your help against the Archdemon" now has the correct condition flag and the follow up dialog is now attainable.
- The line "Is this why you've been so friendly to me?" wasn't present in certain branches of the Dark Ritual conversation, meaning that the player could potentially miss out on that branch depending on which options they picked first. This has now been fixed.
- Alistair will only know about the ritual if the player discusses it with him, this affects both his conversation in Redcliffe castle, the sequence at the Denerim gates and his post-coronation scene conversations.
- Restores a branch for all races and both genders when speaking to Flemeth about the Grey Warden treaties - "I believe you have something we need." This was not copied across to all branches.
- Fixed a bug regarding love triangles when Morrigan asks about the player's relationship with Zevran. The conversation was incorrectly setting a Leliana/Zevran discussion flag when Morrigan confronts the player.
- Enhanced facial expressions for return from the wilds scene.
- Fixed a bug relating to Morrigan's Golden Mirror conversation not properly branching if the player has already given her the mirror before discussing her excursions from the Wilds. The conversation will now correctly branch, allowing access to previously inaccessible dialogue.
- Fixed a bug in the post-coronation sequence that prevented the game from registering the player as the Bann of the Alienage in the epilogue. This has now been fixed and the epilogue slide where the player is Bann will display if appropriate.

The following epilogue fixes are ejoslin's work:
- Zevran's in love slide, if leaving Denerim, should now trigger properly for male wardens.
- Alistair's in love slide, if staying in Denerim, should only reference Queen Anora if Anora is actually queen. (English patch only)
- If the werewolves are cured and allowed to go, their proper slide should trigger.
- If a city elf asks for the Alienage boon, the proper slides should trigger if Shianni is made Bann and if no one specificed is made Bann.
- The Dalish boon no longer triggers for everyone under a certain circumstance.
- The proper slides for the fate of the Sacred Ashes now triggers if Brother Genetivi is alive.