Awakening Blackblade Armor Dragon Drop Fix by Schwinni
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Added: 21/04/2010 - 05:08PM
Updated: 19/01/2015 - 09:38PM

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Last updated at 21:38, 19 Jan 2015 Uploaded at 17:08, 21 Apr 2010

Description: Main file

Somehow BioWare totally messed up the High Dragon in the Dragonbone Wastes.
It should drop the Blackblade Gloves and Boots, but it doesn't.
This mod makes the High Dragon drop the items as intended.

Comments, bug reports, suggestions and requests are welcome. :)

Description: Optional file

This variation of the mod lets the 2 Dragon Thralls in the Silverite Mine drop the Blackblade Gloves and Boots.
This way the set is complete a bit earlier and not just before the final battle.


The optional file is designed as alternative.
Only install one version at a time!

Using both variations together (e.g. in different folders) could cause that
- the items try to spawn at the High Dragon when you enter the Silverite Mine
- the items try to spawn at the Dragon Thralls when you enter the Dragonbone Wastes
- it just works
- it doesn't work at all

Of course you can switch the variations from character to character or even during the game of one character. But always overwrite the other version.

Extract the file with 7-zip and put the blkblade_drop_fix folder in your packages\core\override folder.

Just delete the blkblade_drop_fix folder again.

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