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Randomizes the Demon Spawns in Horde Mode plus a few additional features.

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For Update 6.66 Rev 2

Information on how to use and create mods are in the DOOM Eternal Modding Wiki:

This mod pulls assets from various resources, which may cause mod conflicts.
To prevent bugs/crashes, you should only have ONE LEVEL MOD installed at a time.
If you are still experiencing issues, you may also need to minimize any amount of excess mods.

To save files space, the custom demon skins replace various skins for BATTLEMODE demons.
Be wary if you are using any mod that brings a BATTLEMODE demon skin into single player.

Supported Languages: English and Russian (Russian Text by Ommfe)
Playing this mod with unsupported languages will cause all its added/modified text to remain in English.


The base version of Horde Mode Randomizer is no longer supported.
Only the New Game Plus version will be maintained from now on.

- Randomized Demon Spawns.
- Begin with a complete arsenal (Extra lives replace the weapon spawns).
- Custom Demons.
- More music variety.
- Meathook Nodes are integrated in some of the arenas.
- Optional switches that skip the Blitz Rounds and Traversal Rounds at the cost of less points and extra lives.

- The Randomization is tuned to be more balanced.
- Custom Demons have all their codex entries unlocked from the start.
- Turrets are not randomized.

Custom Demons Present:
Screecher Spirit - Created by Velser, Konvaz, & Blubber
Cyber Cacodemon - Created by Kaiser_will & T0yOta - Textures by Will Ryan
Gemstone Gargoyle - Created by Velser & Konvaz - Textures by rocker409
Behemoth - Created by Velser - Rune Tattoos by Emerson Tung

Horde Plus:
- Separate mod that retains the vanilla demon spawns of Horde Mode, but contains the quality of life features from the Horde Mode Randomizer.
- The optional switches that skip the Blitz Rounds and Traversal Roundsare not present because they interfere with the Horde seasons.