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This page contains the resources for my custom AI, free for anyone to use in their custom levels. More custom AI coming soon-ish.

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For DOOM Eternal version 6.4

Information on how to use and create mods are in the DOOM Eternal Modding Wiki:
If you want to discuss modding with us, join the DOOM Eternal Modding Hub Discord server:

This is a Modder's Resource, so I expect most people here know how to work with entities.
Codex Entries are not included, because that can create some complications.
if you need help with anything, ask me in the Doom Eternal Modding Hub.

Finished Custom AI

Screecher Spirit

What it does
Functions like a normal Spirit except:
- Possessed demons have the Screecher Buff.
- Microwave Beam deals x2 the normal damage to the Screecher Spirit (you can kill it twice as fast).
- Killing the Screecher Spirit will apply the Buff Totem buff to all enemies in the area for 30 seconds.
- Killing the Screecher Spirit will drop a little bit of ammo (same as the Turret).

How to use it
- Read the readme.txt file attached to the mod.
- World Spear is used as a demonstration, look at e5m1_spear.entities, and find the added entities at the very bottom of the file.
- Look at entities.txt for the necessary entities.
- Look at eventCall.txt for a sample encounter with comments.
- If you just want to see what it is like, you can load World Spear and find the Screecher Spirits in the first encounter.

Planned Custom AI

Stone Gargoyle

What it does
Functions like a normal Gargoyle except:
- They are much more resistant against most of your arsenal.
- They are less resistant against Heat Blast & Remote Detonate.
- They take additional damage from Flame Belch.

Screeching Soul

What it does (WIP)
Functions like a normal Lost Soul except:
- They will not attack the player.
- They will not move out of place.
- They trigger the Screecher Buff to all enemies in the arena on death, the effect lasts 30 seconds.
- Enemies affected by their Screecher Buff can be faltered, but they gain a slight damage buff.

God Buff

What it does (WIP)

- Enemies with the God Buff are invincible; they cannot be damaged, killed, or have their weak points destroyed. But they can be faltered.
- God Buffed enemies contain yellow buff FX, and they are protected by Buff-Bearers.
- Any enemy can be a Buff-Bearer, even a Buff Totem. Buff-Bearers do not possess any special properties, but they are identified by spinning red rings.
- Once the Buff-Bearers are killed, enemies with the God Buff will loose their buff and become normal enemies that you can damage/kill.

Mutator Buff

What it does (WIP)
- Identified with a green buff FX.
- Mutated demons will have a random buff applied to them. Either a damage, resistance, or speed buff.
- The buff will last until the mutated demon dies.


What it does (WIP)
- Killing an enemy will spawn 2 smaller versions of itself.
- These smaller variants have 1/2 health and deal 1/2 damage.
- This enemy does not possess any other special properties.

So what are your thoughts? Do you have any suggestions? Feel free to leave a post.