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Updated to v1.5.2 (2021-07-20) to fix compatibility. This mod is like the Overdrive powerup on speed. You are ridiculously overpowered. This isn't meant to be balanced or well thought-out - it's just fun. It makes platforming a breeze and you even more unstoppable. Plus instructions included how to pick and choose which changes to keep and remove.

Permissions and credits
Works with version 6.1 (as of 2021-07-20) of the game. If anything isn't working please message me privately so that I definitely see your message.

I used the now-defunct "Locomotive" mod by Negate The Stars as a baseplate for this mod. I tweaked a lot of his changes to my own preferences, left many others as he made them., Any details in the readme where it says "unsure of effect" are his tweaks that I wasn't 100% sure about, but I left them in because it plays well. Much credit for this mod goes to him.

Credit to elizabethany and MadDoctorTolliver for allowing me to incorporate their SSG mod. I'd have preferred to leave them as two separate mods but they use some of the same files and can't be installed side-by-side.

  1. NOTE 1: If you want to keep some changes but get rid of others, see the README inside the .zip folder.
  2. NOTE 2: Some abilities may be unaffected until an upgrade/mastery has been unlocked, e.g. Dash refill time.
  3. NOTE 3: It is recommended (not required) to equip the Air Control rune with this mod. I also suggest Savagery and Seek & Destroy for maximum speed.

Note as of 2021-07-20: I'm modding as I go and not keeping the readme updated anymore. I haven't added any new gameplay changes, so any changes to the mod itself are just patches. If you do want to dissect it, you should be able to piece it together from what's in the readme.
Gameplay changes
  • Increase base movement speed by 70%.
  • Increases Double Jump height by roughly 50%.
  • Increases Dash momentum by 33%.
  • Reduces Dash refill time by 70%. Basically unlimited on ground and underwater.
  • Increases ledge-grab speed by 40%.
  • Increases weapon-change speed by 60%.
  • Increases weapon-mod-change speed by 60%.
  • Meathook cooldown time reduced by 66.6%.
  • Increases Meathook lock-on range by a vague, ridiculous amount (note: may cause you to lock-on to far away demons even if others are in the way).
  • Increases Meathook lock-on target radius by 25%.
  • Increases Meathook lock-on speed.
  • Increases Meathook pull-speed by 40%.
  • Increases Glory Kill speed by 50% (only with Savagery rune equipped).
  • Reduces Precision Bolt reload time from 1.2 seconds to 0.5 seconds.
  • Reduces Arbalest (w/Mastery) charge time.
  • Reduces Destroyer Blade charge time by 50%.
  • Reduces Heat Blast requirement by 75%.
  • Reduces charge time of Microwave Beam mod.
  • Infinite range for Microwave Beam mod.
  • Super Shotgun reload speed doubled.
  • Sticky Bombs reload speed doubled (when reloading from empty).
  • Reduces cooldown of Energy Shield by 25%.
  • Reduces Rocket Launcher Lock-On Burst charge time by 75%.
  • Doubles Rocket Launcher Lock-On Burst range.
  • Movement speed is now unaffected while Energy Shield is engaged.
  • Movement speed is now unaffected while Mobile Turret is engaged.

Added in V1.1:

  • Increases BFG/Unmaykr ammo from 60 to 90.
  • Increases powerup durations by 15 seconds (I think... Negate the Stars edited this file).
  • Reduces Flame Belch cooldown.
  • Reduces Frag cooldowns.
  • Reduces Ice Bomb cooldown.
  • Reduces Chainsaw regeneration time.
  • Increases Sticky Bomb damage radius.
  • Disables the Lock-On Burst mastery and prevents a 2nd target from being acquired (it slows things down too much).
  • Tentacles, Zombies & Mech Zombies now cost 0 fuel.
  • Carcass, Whiplash, Cacodemon, Prowler, Pinky, Revenant, and Maykr Drone now cost 2 fuel instead of 3.

Added in V1.2 (see the new changes here:
  • Movement speed now unaffected while Microwave Beam is engaged or firing (take that, spirits!)
  • Movement speed now unaffected while Destroyer Blade is engaged.
  • Charge up another Destroyer Blade almost immediately after firing one.
  • Movement speed now unaffected while the Combat Shotgun's Full Auto is engaged or firing.
  • Super Shotgun Mastery now reduces ammo cost from 2 shells to 1 and can be fired twice before reload, like in DOOM 2016 (credit to elizabethany & MadDoctorTolliver for letting me incorporate this since their mod overlaps with ZOOM Eternal)
  • NOTE: Quick-switching to another weapon is slow if only one shot is fired from the SSG. Firing twoshells before quick-switching is faster.
  • You can now swap to another weapon almost instantly after firing a BFG shot.

What's fixed and what's broken in V1.3:
  • The TAG2 DLC update broke changes made to movement speed, chainsaw ammo costs, glory kill speed, meathook pull speed, and SSG ammo cost. So far, I've been able to fix all of these except the SSG ammo cost - now each SSG shot takes 2 shells, but it can still be fired twice before reload. This MAY be fixed in a future update but I make no promises.

Fixed in 1.4:
  • Fixed an issue with SSG shots taking 2 shells - now back to 1 shell per shot, 2 shots per reload.
  • Fixed an issue with SSG spread being reduced.
  • Fixed an issue with the Meathook range being decreased to vanilla stats.
  • Fixed an issue with movement during Microwave Beam being reduced.

Fixed in 1.5.2:
  • Fixed an issue with the Meathook behaving oddly when attaching to any TAG2 monsters or grappling hooks.
  • Fixed an issue with glory kills and chainsaw animations being slow on several monsters (with Savagery equipped).
  • Fixed an issue with slow movement while destroyer blade is charging/charged.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Open the DOOM 2016+ Modding Discord. Invite link:
  2. In the #eternal-faq channel, read the instructions for "Mod Loader Installation" and "Playing With Mods".
  3. Download the .zip file from here and place it in your "Mods" folder.
  4. Run the mod injector (Run as Administrator) and enjoy.

Gameplay Demo: