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Instructions on how to install the mod loader. This will be the 1-stop guide for mod loader install and will be linked in my mods moving forward

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I am spin1490 btw, lol

Install mods at your own risk. I have not had any issues myself playing Battlemode using visual mods like PARTICLES 9000, KEEP THE DEAD, Restored Graphical Effects, etc. I would highly advise against using gameplay overhaul/changing mods online though, as that could be seen as cheating since they change how gameplay functions.

1/9/2021 - The DOOM Eternal Mod Loader is now hosted in the DOOM Modding Discord Server! Join the server with this link, go to the "eternal-faq" section under the "DOOM ETERNAL" tab, then scroll up to the "Mod Loader Installation" post!

Check out my other mods:
PARTICLES 9000 - Adds and bolsters particle effects on player weapons and explosions

KEEP THE DEAD - Keeps all enemy corpses, blood pools, and guts for much longer. Made in collaboration with Knightmare077:

Restored Graphics Effects - ReShade With Ray Tracing Option - Speed Up Weapon Wheel Transition

DeLighter - Makes enemy and weapon lighting much more realistic:

Remove Red Screen Color And LOW HEALTH Text When At Low Health

Change Multiplayer Hit/Damage Sound - Battlemode hit sounds don't use the sound selected in the audio menu. This fixes that: