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  1. boyd38
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    Great mod though it looks like "Completely Remove Red" and "Less Remove Red" aren't working here either. Low ammo/health are working. Maybe a conflict with other mods? 
    Have been using:
    -Chainsaw Upgraded
    -Melee Damage Restored
    -Realistic Pickups
    -Doom Eternal DeLighter
    -Remove LOW HEALTH Sign
    -Simple Realistic reshade
  2. whodatninja117
    • supporter
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    I'm so happy that modders are fixing all the little mistakes ID Software made. Sure, if you only look at one it's not much but take them all together and it becomes a big problem. Cant see s*** with this low health effect and "no ammo" constantly in my face.

    Now if only there were gameplay mods that would make melee not useless, add in the cut pistol, raise ammo inventory and force more ammo drops, and make enemies less bulletspongey rather than all the "weak spot" bullshit.
    1. Znakemaster
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      Does this remove the red damage indicator effect on screen completely? Would it be possible to replace the ammo drops in the game with the single color ones from 2016 and tone down how strong the muzzle flashes are on some weapons like the machine gun?
  3. Apostates
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    I want to report that the "Remove Red" is no longer working. The "Low Health" and "Low Ammo" removal still works.
  4. bronze189
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    this wont get be banned in multiplayer will it? (if they are even banning players in multiplayer) i dont think it will but just wanted to ask in case anyone has gotten banned or punished for modding the textures and affects while playing battle mode. (though battle mode is kinda dead in the water)
  5. proteh
    • member
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    Would be interesting if you could make a version where the red glow is reduced, but not completely removed. I find that I can't judge how low I am with this glow completely disabled.
    1. spin1490
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    2. proteh
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